Personalise Your Student Flat With These Homeware Essentials

As September approaches, school supplies and glassware sets begin to vanish off store shelves as students preparing to enter university realise the big day is approaching. It might be challenging to determine what is essential while still making your student room feel like a home. From rugs to lighting, IWOOT UK has compiled a comprehensive list of uni essentials you’ll need to spruce up this new space!

It can be tough to know where to begin, but we have some recommendations to assist you in discovering your unique style. There are so many ways to personalise your student room to start the year off right without breaking the bank so let us show you.

Wall Art

Putting something up on the walls is one of the simplest ways to transform your space into a cosy refuge. Fill your new student halls with a mosaic of wall art to make it your own, whether it’s of places you’ve visited, art, photographs of bands, phrases you like, or even your favourite TV show.

You could also hang a poster map on your walls as a little retreat or to inspire you to travel; either way, it will be a conversation starter when new friends and flatmates come over. Filling the barren walls of your undergraduate bedroom is a terrific place to start when it comes to making it seem more like home. And remember, to avoid damaging the walls, use white-tack or command strips!


Lighting is essential for setting the right tone in your space. We know it’s clichéd, but fairy lights are a lovely addition to any decor. As dorm lights can be unflattering, these little strings of lights can be attached to your bed, or desk, or even add a little shine to your wardrobe, making the entire area inviting.

There’s more if fairy lights aren’t your thing. Show off your interests and add a few of your favourite things to your bedside table with this creative moonlight to set the scene, or even let a baby Yoda lamp help by bringing the force to study.


Student life can be hectic, and you may not have time to cultivate a large garden, but plants can dramatically transform the appearance of a space. Plants can really brighten up a space and can be beneficial for you. An air filtering plant, for example, enhances the air quality in your room, which can increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve creativity!

There are so many plants to grow that require little effort and take up little room. Thanks to these plants that can be grown from a tin or box, all you need is inside the packaging, which includes a beginner’s guide, compost discs, seeds, and a booklet offering some helpful tips.


One thing that most university rooms have in common is that they are chilly all year. It is not appealing to get out of bed in the morning to stroll around on cold flooring. To defeat these cold mornings, a rug is one of the simplest and most pleasant ways to change a space into a cosy atmosphere.

A rug can not only make a room look larger, but if your carpet isn’t the one you’d like, it can also make the room fit the style you were looking for, as well as be a little treat for your feet or a place to sit when you need a break from your bed. You can make your room feel more like home with a trendy fluffy rug that your feet will appreciate, or you can step into your mind with a rug featuring your favourite movie.


A blanket is a must-have for every new bedroom because comfort is essential for any hardworking student. Make your room a haven for comfort, whether you choose a dark, vibrant, or simply extremely soft blanket. You can even carry a spare of these new cuddly accessories with you to make your friends smile or to be a saviour to you on those exceptionally freezing winter nights.


Cushions – similar to a blanket with the message that comfort is key- can be a nice addition to your university accommodation, especially after a long day of lectures or a long night. Cushions not only look lovely and provide some warmth to a room, but they may also help a room feel full, which appears to be fairly common in student dorms. With so many cushion styles, colours, and textures to select from, you can instantly personalise your area and feel comfortable whether you’re relaxing or working on that paper due tomorrow.

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Phoebe Whittaker

Phoebe Whittaker

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