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Turn on the water works with our top 10 water guns!

As typical British weather goes, it’s usually the splash of raindrops we feel during the summer months. We thought it’s time our IWOOT team changed that and got you armed for fun whatever the weather with our wonderful array of Top 10 Water Weapons (and handy hints on how to choose the winner!).

Pick your favourite and have fun all summer long, but remember, don’t waterlog the lawn!

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Top Ten Water Guns – Image Source Rudy Anderson

Use our handy hints to help you resolve the winner and loser of your wild water war.

Pick how you’ll Crown your winner (and don’t forget to decide the forfeit)

WRING OU THE KING: Wring your clothes and see who is sincerely sopping and who is just slightly splashed.

THE CHAMELEON CHALLENGE: Count your super splats with careful precision by wearing clothing that changes colour when wet. (Grey is always a good’en!)

THE WAVE THE WHITE FLAG METHOD: Simply see who stands their ground and fights or surrenders first and takes flight.


For fun and games for all the family IWOOT recommends:

  1. The Xploderz X Stormer 575
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    The Xploderz X Stormer 575

    Say hello to the big boy! This beastly blaster, the paintballing gun’s cousin, without the pain or the paint but rather firing ammo made of a water-based gel that Xplode on contact with anything up to 75m away. A sure fire win!

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  2. Nerf-n-Strike Barricade RV-10
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    Nerf-n-Strike Barricade RV-10

    Ever heard of a water machine gun? Well, you have now! The power keeps on coming with our Nerf-n-Strike Barricade RV-10 and its 10 dart revolving barrel. Be warned unsuspecting enemies.

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  3. Water Wars Pistol and Vest Game
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    Water Wars Pistol and Vest Game

    Forget what you think you know about water fights soldier. Get ready for some serious aquatic combat! The Water Wars Water Pistol and Vest set contains two target vests and two water pistols (which are pretty darn powerful, it has to be said). The difference is, though, that scoring a direct hit on these vests actually causes the victim to bleed! Well, maybe not bleed however upon impact, the vest will turn a bloody red, indicating you have been shot. No longer can you argue that your opponent ‘just missed’, this game tests skill and agility. The winner is the one who manages to finish off all of their opponents and with pistols as accurate and far-reaching as these, that’s an awful lot harder than it sounds.

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  4. Saturator Water Cannon
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    Saturator Water Cannon

    The motorized water cannon that is The Saturator will forever put fear in the hearts of your opponents. This water gun is hands down The Terminator of all water guns, pumping water out through a high powered motor, no manual pumping is needed.

    The coolest and closest thing to a hose pipe, it’s advanced gun has realistic sound and light effects, helping you to demonstrate who’s boss!


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  5. Xploderz Face-Off
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    Xploderz Face-Off

    Bring paintball home without the mess (or pain) thanks to the Xploderz Face Off. Perfect for one to one combat, this set of two pistols pack plenty of power and can fire up to 50 feet away. Ammo made from a water-based gel shatters on impact leaving zero mess but with 100% fun.

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  6. The Nerf Super Soaker Thunder Storm
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    The Nerf Super Soaker Thunder Storm

    The Thunderstorm Super Soaker is no ordinary water gun. No need to spend time pumping, instead, the motorised gun releases the water with a simple flick of the trigger.Faster shooting and powerful spray means you are able to hit your opponent from up to 25 feet away. And with four super soakers to choose from, The Nerf Super Soaker collection is perfect for summer. Best warn the enemy to keep well back… or just surrender now!

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  7. Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast
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    Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast

    The Scatter Blast Super Soaker is another great choice from the Nerf Super Soakers collection. Shooting 5 jets of water in a single stroke of fire, the Scatter Blast is definitely the last weapon you’d want to face in a water fight. Scattering water  in a spray like motion, this water gun will take entire teams out. The Scatter Blast Super Soaker includes a viewfinder and a rail to perfect your aim. Pump the handle to enable the motor to give you the best in shooting results.

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  8. Nerf-n-Strike Recon CS-6
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    Nerf-n-Strike Recon CS-6

    This fully adaptable water gun comes with five interchangeable parts. With the Nerf-n-Strike Recon, you can build anything from a basic blaster to a super striker within minutes. Change up you water fight game and take out entire teams with the blink of an eye. The Ner-n-Strike also features a targeted light beam, perfect for night time warriors.

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  9. Nerf Super Soaker Point Break
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    Nerf Super Soaker Point Break

    This hand-sized, automatic and motorised gun may look friendly, however, the Nerf Super Soaker Point Break is the perfect weapon for quickly targeting your opponents in a single swipe. Discreet to carry and easy to aim, this small water pistol can shoot up to sixteen feet away.

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  10. AK-47 Aqua Fire
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    AK-47 Aqua Fire

    The AK-47 Aqua Fire is the latest in rapid-fire water pistol technology. Showering your opponents at a very impressive four jets of water per second, the Aqua Fire changes water fights as we know them.


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The aqua amateur’s dictionary

Drench: to wet thoroughly.

Soak: to lie in and become saturated or permeated with water or some other liquid.

Sopping: saturated with liquid; wet through.

Super: of the highest degree of power.

Warrior: a person who shows or has shown great vigour, courage, or aggressiveness.

Water pistol: plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water.

Weaponries: weapons or weapon like instruments collectively.

Waterlog: to soak, fill, or saturate with water so as to make soggy or useless.

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