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Feature: Parrot Disco FPV

This week, we feature the Parrot Disco FPV (First Person View), the first smart flying wing to reach 49.71mph with a HD front-facing camera to give you a Parrot-eye view of the world! Now available on IWOOTAnd make sure to check out our April update at the end of this article to discover our latest Parrot drone offers!

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What is the Parrot Disco FPV?

Parrot Disco in sky from underneath

Image source: Parrot

The Parrot Disco FPV is a radio-controlled fixed flying wing with a 14 megapixel, 1080p, full-HD camera and 32 gigabytes of internal storage. The Disco has a high-capacity battery and powerful motor, encased in an aerodynamic, light carbon and expanded polypropylene body. It boasts flight times of up to 45 minutes and flight speeds up to 49.71mph!

What’s in the box?

The Parrot Disco FPV comes complete with all the essential tech you need to immerse yourself in the sky:

Parrot Disco FPV contents

Image source: Parrot

  • Parrot Skycontroller 2

When the Disco is flown with the new Parrot Skycontroller 2, featuring optimised and secure Wi-Fi connection and live video feedback to your smartphone, the starting point of any adventure can be returned to on autopilot. Take-off and landing can also be operated with a single click at a range of 1.24 miles. Further, an anti-stall system guarantees stability. When you stop controlling the Disco, its autopilot automatically engages a ‘loiter’ mode, where the Disco flies at a safe speed and altitude until you sent further instructions. You also have the option to play with the altitudes and speeds the Parrot Disco will reach using the new Skycontroller 2.

  • Parrot Cockpitglasses

The Cockpitglasses can be worn comfortably over eyeglasses and the Parrot Disco’s three axis stabilised front camera combines with the FreeFlight Pro app to fully immerse you in a flight experience you can control completely.

  • FreeFlight Pro app

Image source: Parrot

This is a free-to-download app dedicated to advanced flight with drones, designed for use with your FPV glasses that allows you to easily save and share all of your Disco data, including photos, films and routes.

Video: Robin & Emilie Icare, “A Day with Parrot Disco”

Parrot utilises the latest technology to design and manufacture high-tech and cutting-edge products. Parrot drones and wings inspire exploration and instil excitement and invite everyone to make the most of their immediate environment. The Parrot Disco FPV is the premium Parrot product; free delivery is available on it through IWOOT in the UK.

UPDATE: 21 April 2017

This weekend only we have price drops on bestselling, entry level Parrot mini-drones, including the Hydrofoil Boat EVO, Jumping Night and Jumping Racing drones, as well as the Airborne Cargo Quadcopter EVO drone series – just in case you need to warm up to the big daddy Disco! You can check them out here or click through directly below!



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