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SEGA vs ATARI: Return Of The Retro Game Consoles

Gaming consoles have come on a long way since their very humble beginnings. We’re now at a point where modern consoles are capable of outputting 4K display and producing visuals that are eerily comparable to real life. Despite these new consoles being at the forefront of technological advancement, we’re increasingly seeing a return to retro game consoles and beginning to see some of these consoles being rebooted in various forms. Two of these recent re-releases are the SEGA Megadrive Mini HD and the ATARI FlashBack 8 Gold HD. But how do they both stack up? Is retro gaming really making a return? We’ve stacked up both of these new releases to see whether they really can compete with the modern consoles as well as living up to the legacy of the originals.

SEGA Megadrive Mini HD

The SEGA Megadrive Mini is the latest re-boot of the popular 90’s gaming console. The Megadrive Mini features over 80 built in games including SEGA classics (Mortal Kombat and Sonic The Hedgehog) as well as some new exclusive titles. The console also features a cartridge slot so you can plug in and play any of the original SEGA classics from yesteryear to see if your true talents have stood the test of time. To bump this re-boot into the modern age, the console now comes with two wireless controllers (no more tripping over controller wires) and an HDMI port (Sonic has never looked so good!).

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Comparing this reboot to the original console there are aspects of familiarity alongside new, modernised features. The nostalgic feel of the controllers and the games on the console will take you straight back to the early nineties sat on your friend’s sofa on Saturday afternoon. Coupled with the wireless controllers and HDMI capabilities this gives the console a fresh new lease of life and greatly improves player experience. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily compete with the hyper-realism in other modern consoles, the Megadrive Mini definitely has a place for those looking to return to their gaming origins, introducing a younger gamer to the retro classics, or simply for those looking to just play games that are fun again and don’t require the 40+ hours of engagement that many current titles do.

ATARI Flashback 8 Gold HD

The ATARI Flashback 8 Gold brings back the classic single joystick to the modern gaming audience. Loaded up with over 100 classic games, the ATARI Flashback packs a lot into such a small console. With two wireless joystick controllers (or your own wired ones if you still have them) and an HDMI output, the ATARI Flashback is the perfect way to revisit classic gaming and the hours of fun that accompany it.

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Whilst the ATARI games list might not be as instantly recognisable as the Megadrive titles, the console is still filled with games that are bound to provide hours of enjoyment. Similar to the Megadrive, if you’re looking for 4K display and realistic graphics, this won’t be the console for you. However, if you’re looking for pure simplistic fun, then the ATARI Flashback is a great place to start.

Retro Game Consoles – The Verdict

If you’re a hard-core gamer looking for hyper-realism and epic RPGs,  these won’t be the consoles you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a console that harks back to simpler times with an infectiously fun nostalgic feel, then these consoles are definitely something you should consider. On personal preference we’d give the SEGA Megadrive the edge due to the recognisability of a lot of the titles and ability to plug in other SEGA games, but we can’t deny that we will definitely end up buying both. There’s two days in a weekend for a reason; for gaming and gaming alone (or building a Metal Earth model kit).

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