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Beginner’s Guide: Building Metal Earth 3D Model Kits

From where I’m writing, I spy 3 Metal Earth model kits already assembled – and the model Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Transformers Optimus Prime and metal 1989 Batmobile stare right back, goading me with their owners’ technical brilliances.

Since I were a lad, I’ve loved building things: from my K’NEX Big Ball Factory to my LEGO Technic Superbike and even a model K’NEX Transporter Bridge with working motor somewhere along the line.

teeside transporter bridge in the daytime

Photo source: Gazette Live

While I had time on my hands and a Marvel Avengers 3D Metal Model Kit right next to them, I attempted to join my creative colleagues’ ranks and – with a petulance my 10 year old self would have envied – wrestle the mantle of King Constructor from them. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out as planned…

How Not To Build Metal Earth Model Kits

Here, then, is what I advise prospective model makers not to do when they embark on their Metal Earth journey:

  • use only their fingers
  • ignore the bending guidelines in the manual
  • think: I made incredible replicas of Northeastern architectural landmarks when I was 10 years old, this will be easy.

And if you’ve made it this far, what I definitely do advise is watching Little Katie’s video as she deftly breaks down the process of building Metal Earth model kits:

Video: Little Katie, ‘Metal Earth Tips and Tricks’

If you’ve (successfully!) constructed a Metal Earth model, then we’d love to see it! Find us on twitter, Facebook or Instagram and show off your creative brilliance! And, make sure to check back here for round two – we have to make one properly before the year is out!

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Check out Raysolid99’s Metal Earth Model Kit celebration of Batman Day:

Happy Batman day! The Dark Knight Rises is still my favourite. #BatmanDay #Batman #MetalEarth #TheDarkKnightRises #iwoot

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