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Funko Pop! Vinyl and our Favourite Characters

For over a decade, Funko has been the collectable pop vinyl figure company. Currently, they have the rights to create in their unmistakable way tens of thousands of characters, from mainstream mega-villains to cult comic book heroes, in Pop! figurine, Pop! vinyl keyring and nearly always smiling, smaller, adorable vinyl figure Dorbz forms.

What are Pop! Vinyl?

Pop! Vinyl figures are cartoonish, bubble-headed – sometimes bobble-headed – interpretations of characters from fact and fiction. They have distinctive block-colour eyes, small noses, no mouths and typically stand at 3.75 inches tall. Further, Funko’s vinyl figures are wildly popular; Funko says that every pop vinyl figure series stems from their collectors.

Check out asiacrafts’ Hillary and Trump Funko Pop! Vinyl figures:

Why are Funko Pop! figures popular?

You just need to look at them!

Epic Comcast

It would be trite to leave it solely at Epic Comcast’s Karina’s comment, but she does have a point. Funko has created a Pop! for every occasion: their ‘cultural cachet’  is so broad, from presidential candidates to highly specific variants of alternative TV series characters, that it’s difficult to disrespect their work ethic, if not wholly fall in love with it.

How many Pop! Vinyl figures are there?

Every single Pop! Vinyl figure is apparently listed on’s Funko Pop Vinyls Seriespage, and some estimates suggest there are well over 1,000 in existence!

IWOOT’s Funko collection includes our favourite DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter characters imagined as adorable Dorbz and precocious Pop! Vinyls and Pop! Pins. With free delivery available in the UK, and IWOOT’s incredible 2 for £18 Pop! Vinyl offer (available at the time of writing), why not start someone’s Funko Pop! collection today.

Michael Adamson

Michael Adamson


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