As anyone well-acquainted with our cool home accessories selection will know, the Smart Sensor Energy Egg is one of our most awesome products. The little device detects whether you are in a room or not, turning on or off any respective devices linked up to it and potentially saving you hundreds of pounds in electricity bills.

As I’m sure anyone with kids (or an absent mind for that matter) will know, leaving on electronics can be a strain on your bills. Games consoles, laptop chargers, lamps, stereos – you name it – we’re all guilty of leaving things on unnecessarily. The energy egg is a simple solution to all of this, providing you with the peace of mind that when you leave a room, nothing superfluous will be left one, and keep your house (and perhaps your bank balance) that little bit greener.

photograph of a Smart Sensor Energy Egg

On Sunday, the Energy Egg was showcased on the hit BBC Two show Dragons’ Den (catch it here whilst you can on the BBC iPlayer) by Brian O’Reilly, the director of TreeGreen and the inventor of the Energy Egg.

Was Brian able to woo any of the Dragons? I wont spoil it for you, but if he manages to convince you, pick one up here at a great price!

The product will also be appearing on QVC on Thursday 27th February at 9AM GMT.



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