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Real Recipes : Kid’s Party Food

It’s half term this week for thousands of children across the UK, which means they have extra time (and energy) to get excited and prepared for Halloween and bonfire night parties. With the weather being…well just a bit dull, kids will be spending more time indoors, looking for fun, new activities. So why not get them involved in some party food prep? They’ll be away from the T.V, learning lots of new skills and you’ll have to spend less time hidden away in the kitchen on your own! So, discover some creative party food treats with IWOOT this half term and join in the bake off fun!

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes – Image Source iStock

  1. Halloween Cupcakes

    Kids love baking cakes, they love decorating cakes AND they love eating cakes. So what better way to keep them busy this half term? Put their aprons on and let them get stuck in. IWOOT have the perfect tool, a 3-in-1 retro machine, for cupcakes, Cake Pops and doughnuts, so you can choose what treat you want to decorate for Halloween and keep everyone happy. We decided on a chocolate cupcake and orange buttercream icing for our Halloween party, and we even managed to find some spooky cake angels, to make them a just that little more ghastly.

  2. Halloween Gingerbread

    It’s autumn and that means warm flavours like apple, ginger and cinnamon. So why not get creative and start making your gingerbread houses a little earlier this year? Who says we have to wait until Christmas anyway? Use your icing to turn your sweet looking Hansel & Gretel mansion in to a haunted house; hang spider webs and bats above the front door, and use sweets to line the house with mini pumpkins.

    If you have younger children, why not bake gingerbread men and let them loose with the piping bag? They can make gingerbread skeletons or gingerbread monsters and display them proudly for all their friends at a Halloween party this week. If there’s any gingerbread men left over, you could teach your children about bonfire night and transform them into mini Guy Fawkes models for a fireworks party next week.

  3.  Chocolate Fondue

    Chocolate fondue is the perfect treat for a bonfire night party. Children will get so excited about dipping all these colourful goodies in to chocolate, that they won’t even realise they’re eating deliciously nutritious fruit! Chop up all the fruit before hand and let them organise their choice of treats onto skewers (avoid sharp metal ones) in their own funky, fabulous patterns. If you want to avoid a sugar rush, why not set the kids up with a warm cheese fondue, surrounded by vegetables, bread sticks and homemade dough balls? The options really are endless!

Have a browse of our kitchen appliances and plan some simple, scrummy party food for Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas this year. Get the children involved too, so you can spend some extra time with them during half term.

Let us know in the comments box below about any kids party food you’ll be making – we’d love to see some pictures too!


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