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Learn Everything There Is To Know About the Original Star Wars Series, Andor

This intergalactic franchise is launching another series within the Star Wars timeline with the intention of never leaving a Star Wars fan’s mind. Andor, in keeping with the theme of naming the series after key characters, is set to be released at the end of September 2022 in the UK. At IWOOT UK, we are huge fans of this saga, which might be a little obvious with all the Star Wars gifts we sell, and we, like you, are excited to see what this new addition has in store.

Cassian Andor, the separatist-turned-rebel, is no stranger to us, having first appeared in the narrative in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and now we are about to learn more about his backstory.

The Star Wars fans in us can be fully prepared to binge-watch this new series in which we will learn about his early days in the Galactic Empire as we sip from our Baby Yoda cups and wear our Stormtrooper T-shirts. According to rumours, the first season will take place five years before the events of A New Hope, and the second season, yep, the second season, will take place immediately after the events of Rogue One.

What Happens In Star Wars Rogue One?

When discussing Cassian, we think it is only fair to mention Rogue One. Rogue One was designed as a callsign for a huge group of Rebel Alliance soldiers and recruits who were plotting to steal the Death Star schematics. Our new protagonist, Captain Cassian Andor, formed this group when he was tasked with transporting Jyn Erso, Galen Erso’s daughter, to Jedha to obtain information from Saw Gerrera. Cassian and Jyn encountered Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus, Guardians of the Whill, after aiding in an attack on an Imperial patrol in the city carried out by partisans.

These four, unfortunately, were captured by members of Gerrera’s cell. When the party escaped aboard the U-wing flown by their loyal comrade K-2SO, Cassian brought the defector Bodhi Rook with them. Bodhi, who was critical to their escape plan, was able to use the codes he learned as an Imperial pilot to gain access to the planet and pass through the Shield Gate in Scarif.

The rebels assassinated the inspection team that boarded the shuttle where Jyn and the protagonist infiltrated the base. Cassian and Jyn, together with K-2SO, advanced further into the complex after successfully blowing up the surrounding island.

While everyone else is busy, Cassian and Jyn find their way to the Death Star plans in the data vault. After acquiring the plans, the pair climbed the archives and obtained the data, but Cassian was injured, leaving Jyn to climb the satellite alone. The duo made their way to the coast after Jyn adjusted the satellite dish and communicated the plans to the alliance, where they observed the Death Star’s blast.

As the explosion engulfed them, the two embraced, confident that the Rebels had received the blueprints. This sorrowful ending had one silver lining: it allowed for the creation of this new series, which we can’t wait to binge-watch.

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What’s in Store

The Andors timeline is undoubtedly beneficial to fans, as it offers a stronger feeling of continuity throughout the franchise and spinoffs. According to what we know, Rogue One leads immediately into A New Hope, and with season two going directly into Rogue One, the AndorTV series will have a clear path into both the spinoff films and the main saga itself.

But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s start with season one, which is set in 5 BBY, making it a parallel series to Star Wars Rebels, allowing for explicit references or even crossover. The trailers also depict Clone Troopers indoctrinated into Imperial Service, implying that this Andor TV series will have some throwbacks from the Empire’s first year of rule as well as The Bad Batch.

This new series is claimed to be aware of its location in the Star Wars canon history and to know exactly where it will end. From the beginning, this Andor TV series was said to be a spy thriller, so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. The plot is set to represent the first side of the uprising, focusing on one individual before spreading to interact with others, although he will remain the main driver of the narrative.

A New Journey

Forget what you saw of Cassian in Rogue One; he will be very different when we meet him. Far from the warrior spy from Rogue One, we will see him as the family’s adopted son who saves him and helps him grow and develop on Ferrix.

Prepare for a lot of gloomy times as this character is set to be at his lowest point, and at only 21 years old, he needs to leave his new home and travel through foreign lands in the series until he finds a new home in the Rebel Alliance.

This journey will not be easy because he will meet new characters, many of whom appear to have two sides, requiring him to be especially cautious. Although this is all speculation at the moment, we won’t have to wait long to find out where this new Andor TV series ranks in comparison to previous prequels.

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