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Halloween Party Ideas

Start the party season off with a bang with a spooky Halloween bash courtesy of IWOOT.

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas – GIF from Giphy

If you are looking for cool Halloween party ideas then look no further. Here at IWOOT we think that DIY is way more satisfying than pound shop bought decor, that’s why we have the best tips for spooking up your home. From cool DIY home decorations to scarily good recipes.

Milk Bottle Lights

Gather your empty milk bottles (make sure they are clean first). Draw scary ghoul faces on their sides then fill with water. Throw in a couple of glow lights and line them up in a dark room. Spooky!

Brain in a Jar

Who would have thought that a cauliflower could look like a brain? Well, it can. Place a cauliflower in a plastic tub, stem and all, then fill the tub with green jelly and leave in the fridge to set. So gross but so cool.

Brain in a jar

Brain in a Jar – GIF from Giphy

Floating Ghosts

Drape balloons in crepe paper and hang them from the ceiling. Voila, floating ghosts.

Halloween Punch

Pack a punch this Halloween with a spooky themed drink. Add cranberry juice, lemonade and the juice of three limes to a bowl or jug. If your party is ‘adults only’ you can add a slug of gin or vodka. Finish your drink off with some gummy worms.

Halloween Oreo Spiders

Using scissors, cut liquorice bootlaces evenly into eight legs. Insert the bootlaces into either side of the Oreo and top off with two white icing eyes.


Spiders – GIF from Giphy


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