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Festive Essentials: Everything You Need To Have A Christmassy Weekend

The countdown to Christmas is on, the nights are drawing in, the decorations are up and Mariah Carey is blasting out from our speakers.

This weekend is the first one of December and here at IWOOT we are starting to feel rather festive. So we thought – why not spread some Christmas cheer?!?

Here’s how to have a cosy Christmassy weekend at home, covering all the essentials from food to entertainment.

The Movies

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First things first, the movies. No Christmas weekend is complete without some festive flicks of course, so we scoured the streaming services to find our top picks.

If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas movie, the classic film It’s A Wonderful Life is on NOW TV – a film often described as the best Christmas film ever made, and deservedly so.

Searching for something the whole family can enjoy? The charming Arthur Christmas is available to stream on Netflix, whilst over on Disney+ you can enjoy The Muppet Christmas Carol for the millionth time. It never gets old though does it?!

Wanting something a bit more grown-up to watch? The action-packed Die Hard is available on NOW TV and before you ask, yes, it most definitely is a Christmas movie.

The Games


No Christmas weekend is complete without a classic board game session, which we know will inevitably lead to arguments and maybe a table tossed here and there too. But, that’s why we love it!

If you are able to spend the weekend with family and friends, dig out some games and let the competition begin!

On site we have a wide range including ones you can play with your kids such as Ready, Steady, Sculpt, as well as more grown-up games from Prosecco Pong to Bucket Of Doom.

They really can provide hours of entertainment, but maybe avoid Monopoly if you think tensions may rise!

The Food


We don’t know about you but Christmas is a time where we forget about the diet and healthy eating, and get stuck right into some festive snacks.

That’s right, we are talking everything from mince pies, to lebkuchen and of course that box of Quality Street which is under the tree. Dig in. We know you want to.

And if you like to get busy in the kitchen, why not make your own festive snacks? Decorate some gingerbread men, bake a yule log or cook up a storm with a warming pumpkin spiced soup.

The Drink


A Christmas movie is on, the box of Roses is right next to you, and you are wrapped up warm on the sofa ready for a cosy night in. But what’s missing? A hot drink of course!

Sit back and relax with a cuppa coffee, tea or hot chocolate – it will not only help you chill out, but also keep you toasty despite the wintry season.

And of course, if you fancy some booze, just replace that cuppa tea with a large glass of wine, bottle of beer or even a cheeky cocktail.

The Comfort


As well as getting you into the festive spirit, a Christmassy weekend should also be cosy, snug and warm, and so the comfort factor is key.

And the best way to bring this in is with some comfortable accessories, starting with a thick jumper to wear – a Christmas one if you have it!

Then dig out some soft blankets and cushions, throw them onto to the sofa and there you have the perfect spot for some rest and relaxation, whilst tucking into some festive snacks bingeing Christmas films of course.



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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


Emily is a journalist and film critic who unashamedly cries at most movies having got too emotionally attached. When not at the cinema, she is at home cuddling her cat Holmes, whilst binge watching New Girl. Twitter: @emilyvmurray