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Disenchanted: Everything We Know About the Enchanted Sequel

The ultimate princess is making a victorious return! Enchanted, a very apt name for this charming film was released in 2007 and marked a small shift at the time due to its meta-take on the traditional princess genre. However, when the film’s popularity expanded, it all worked in its favour. IWOOT UK has some fantastic news that may put you back in royally good spirits, as the sequel, Disenchanted, will be hitting our screens right after National Princess Day, how fitting.

Enchanted takes place in the Disney setting of the Kingdom of Andalasia. The legendary story is recounted in a virtually picture-perfect animated setting as the evil Queen Narissa, played by the stunning Susan Sarandon, struggles to maintain control of the kingdom.

Her devilish plan begins once she realises she may lose control of this animated realm due to her son, Prince Edward, who has discovered his true love’s kiss and intends to marry her. Production went to great lengths, all wrapped up in a lovely bow fashioned by those animated birds and squirrels, to make this one of the most memorable Disney films ever made, and they surely succeeded.

What Happened in Enchanted?

Enchanted follows Giselle, an animated princess modelled on the classic princess movies that we all enjoyed when we were younger. Unfortunately for Giselle, she does not have the good fortune of a glass slipper, as she is cast out of her fairytale kingdom after being shoved into a well by the Evil Queen. After being transported to a live-action counterpart of her animated self in the Big Apple (an excellent Snow White reference), she is rescued and cared for by Robert and his daughter. And as the tale progresses, these two, an unlikely romance, fall in love instead of her animated Prince Charming, Edward.

Of course, the film ends happily, with the sorceress defeated and a twist involving Edward and Nancy, Robert’s girlfriend, returning to Andalasia. Giselle does get her own happy ending, staying in New York and marrying Robert, which we all envy, and we see her living happily ever after with her own design business with the help of birds and other non-Disney-like animals, just to keep a little bit of her princess past life with her.

What Is Disenchanted About?

What will this sequel bring us after such a magical ending in 2007? The real-world distance between the two narratives will stay the same as in the original film, but much is likely to have altered after fifteen years. We witness Giselle, played by Amy Adams; Robert, portrayed by Partick Dempsey, better known as McDreamy; and Morgan, played by Gabrielle Baldacchino, all relocating to the gorgeous village of Monroeville to a house that mimics the well-known Disney castle.

But it’s not all singing and flash mobs because, as with all magical plots, the sorcery of this story has caused disaster as a spell goes wrong when Giselle tries to save her current life. Now Giselle has to save her homeland back in the Kingdom of Andalasia and, in true Disney fashion, she has to do it before the clock strikes midnight, as all great princesses must.

This plot is claimed to feature several legendary Disney stories that made our childhood eyes light up and draw closer to the screen. Some may be wondering, “What is new?” But don’t worry, they’re adding fresh characters and plot strands while staying faithful to the world’s yearning for classic Disney experiences.

Fans of the original will be thrilled to read about the musical possibilities that the sequel may bring, as the first film’s success was primarily due to its soundtrack. The rumours have proven true, as it has been revealed that the new film will have seven new gorgeous songs, some of which will be reprises because we all adore a classic.

Disenchanted Trailer

For those with keen eyes, the Disenchanted trailer was released on September 9, 2022. The trailer looks to imply that this long-awaited sequel will be able to recapture the original’s charm, but only time will tell. The trailer not only promises a nostalgic journey, but it also changes the fairy tale by implying that Giselle would become a wicked stepmother to Morgan if her search for a fantasy existence fails.

Disenchanted Cast

Since the final shout of cut at filming in August 2021, fans have put on their detective hats and identified the full cast for the sequel. This sequel has some familiar faces, like Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, and James Marsden, who was spotted filming in Ireland.

Fans will be delighted to find that the cast has grown in size, with Maya Rudolph taking on the role of Malvina Monroe and Oscar Nuez taking on the role of Edgar. As some fans have noted, Gabriella Baldacchino has taken over the character of Morgan Philip from original actress Rachel Covey.

Where Can I Watch Disenchanted?

Disenchanted will premiere on Disney+ on November 24, 2022, so mark your calendars and stock up on princess memorabilia to watch it just like old times with a Disney mug in hand. Thanks to the media, loyal fans have been able to satiate their Disney princess demands, with photographs of characters in costumes circulating online since filming wrapped last year. This hype has certainly kept us occupied and will hopefully keep the enthusiasm going until the film’s release, which isn’t far away now!

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