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Be Ready for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

We all enjoy a little more energy in the morning before we begin our day, and one of the most popular options is coffee. Coffee, whether iced, extra hot, with oat milk, a frappuccino, or one of the many different variations that have expanded the drinks menu at cafés over the years, is a popular method for making us feel like functioning individuals before our first meetings of the day. 

In honour of the world’s largest coffee morning, which will be celebrated on September 30th, 2022, IWOOT UK has compiled a list of must-haves to ensure that you are well prepared for all of the caffenie and cake that will be consumed on this special day. On September 30th, you can not only enjoy one of the world’s favourite beverages but also make a difference by contributing to Macmillan’s Cancer Support.

There are so many ways to participate in and support this annual event. The very first “Coffee Morning” took place in 1991. Those involved would meet over a warm drink and donate the cost of their cups to Macmillan. The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning has only grown since then, and it is currently the biggest and longest-running charity event of its kind in the UK.

Hosting your own coffee morning or simply participating in this fun morning are two of the most common ways to get involved. In either case, you will need to be prepared with mugs and everything cake-based.

Coffee Mugs

Be well prepared for this special morning, or any morning for that matter, regardless of how you enjoy your coffee. If you want to add some levity to your mugs this morning and every other morning, all you have to do is open up the cupboard and get out some novelty mugs to get some extra laughs from those fellow caffeine fans.

Combine your hot beverage with one of your favourite hobbies or franchises to add another topic to the mix. This is not only going to be your favourite mug in your collection, but it will also spark a conversation. Show off your favourite franchise and share your favourite moments. Were Rachel and Ross taking a break? This is undoubtedly a lengthy conversation that will certainly necessitate a few refills until you reach an agreement.

If you have startled many of your friends by announcing that you do not enjoy coffee, no judgement here; if you prefer tea, you still need mugs, right?

Or maybe you’re already feeling the spooky season upon us and can mix that pumpkin spice latte in a Halloween-themed mug and chat all about the Halloween essentials you’ll need for this spooky time. Perhaps you are even more prepared with Christmas mugs, which will undoubtedly set you apart!

Cake Essentials

To be formally declared a member of the coffee morning club, you must be willing to consume and/or create an abundance of cake and sweet treats. IWOOT UK offers some excellent products all about the sweeter things in life, so be prepared.

Whether you are the group’s pro baker or just starting out in your sweet tooth hobby, you will need some gorgeous cake tins to keep those beauties looking bake-off-ready. They can also be used for leftovers, but hey, there generally isn’t any, which is always a compliment.

Those who prefer alternative milk in their beverages need not worry because the host or even you can find vegan cake recipes so that everyone can partake in these delectable treats. Club members might go even further and combine the two fantastic components of the day, caffeiene and cake, into one object, a cake mug. That is true dedication.

It is a terrific way to help, whether you are hosting or attending an event on September 30th, 2022, or any other day that works for you. Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee and a catch-up? And now it can be even more special because it benefits a worthy cause.

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Phoebe Whittaker

Phoebe Whittaker

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