Kitchen Accessories That Will Easily Transform Your Space

The kitchen is a key part of any home with many believing it is actually the best room in the house, being the heart and soul.

Whether you are the next Jamie Oliver or unable to even boil an egg, we all spend time a lot of time in the kitchen and so it’s important to ensure it’s homely.

Contrary to popular belief, transforming your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require plenty of effort, as there are easy, simple and cost effective ways to do it too.

And the best place to start is with your kitchen accessories, utensils and decorations, all of which can come together to completely transform your space.


When you think of glassware what may come to mind is your standard wine glasses, tumblers and maybe a pair of champagne flutes saved for special occasions.

Glassware though is something you can get really creative with since there’s a wide range out there that can help add some personality to your kitchen.

Shot glasses for example are fun additions and come in all kinds of designs, and there are even twists on classics such as these funky gin balloon glasses.

We also recommend not putting them in a cupboard where no one can see them – have them on show instead!

Coasters And Placemats

No dining table is complete without coasters and placemats as not only do they save your table from getting stained, but they are also something you can get personal with.

You can either pick something simple for a minimal look, colour co-ordinate with the rest of your kitchen, or pick a design that ties to one of your interests.

There really are no limits!

Wall Decor

Whilst you may have art on your walls in the corridor, bedroom and living room, the kitchen may have indeed been left out… but it shouldn’t be!

The simple addition of a lovely print on your kitchen wall is an easy way to brighten up your space.

We also recommend adding a handy notice board too for those shopping list and reminders you always forget!

Soft Furnishings

One item you will find in any kitchen is the humble tea towel, something that is always hard at work drying dishes and wiping down sides.

Whilst tea towels are unassuming, they are also a great way for you to bring out your personality as this simple piece of fabric can have any design on it.

You could pick one that reminds you of a special memory, one that adds a pop of colour to your kitchen, or one that makes you giggle.

So make sure you don’t forget the modest tea towel when transforming your kitchen!


Storage is a big part of any kitchen since it is filled with food and other bits, all of which needs to be stored away to ensure the room is clean, tidy and organised.

And whilst you may think storage is kinda dull, we are here to tell you there that is a lot more to it than organisation as picking the right style is a must when transforming your space.

Especially since these storage containers will be on full display on your work surfaces and shelves, so you have to make sure they look good.


We all know kitchen utensils are indeed essentials, but they are also crucial when it comes to your space and the atmosphere it has.

So don’t just pick up any chopping board or spatula, ensure that they fit alongside everything else in your kitchen so that it all comes together as one.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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