Brighten Up Your Kitchen With These Summery Accessories

With summer approaching we are spending more and more time in our kitchen, whether it’s prepping drinks for an evening of cocktails or getting all the food ready for a BBQ.

You may want to turn your attention to your kitchen space then, especially if it’s dull and dreary therefore being in need of an update!

Brightening up and transforming your kitchen doesn’t need to be a huge job though, with the simple addition of summery accessories being an easy way to give it a new look.

  1. Lemon Round Chopping Board
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    Lemon Round Chopping Board

    Swap out your usual dull chopping board for this bright lemon one, an easy way to brighten up both your kitchen and your cooking.

    Whether you are using it to chop lemons for an evening of cocktails or to prep a fabulous meal, this chopping board will come in very handy, and it looks cute too with a bold yellow print.

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  2. Pineapple Cotton Tea Towel
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    Pineapple Cotton Tea Towel

    Tired of using the same old bland tea towels? Pick up a colourful one to brighten up your kitchen and day!

    We love this summery pineapple print, but there are plenty of designs to choose from. Something for everyone!

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  3. Cactus Shot Glasses
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    Cactus Shot Glasses

    Green is also a great colour to use in your kitchen as not only is it fresh, but it can also help brighten up the space too.

    Which is exactly what these cactus shot glasses do, a quirky accessory that will help bring good vibes to both the kitchen itself and any party.

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  4. Yellow Pressed Flowers Hexagonal Coaster Set
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    Yellow Pressed Flowers Hexagonal Coaster Set

    When we think of summer bright flowers come to mind, which is why we have included this gorgeous coaster set on our list.

    Decorated with a delicate yellow flower design, the hexagonal shape also makes these coasters stand out as something different.

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  5. Tropical String Lights
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    Tropical String Lights

    Illuminate your kitchen with these fun tropical lights, an easy way to transform it into a more exotic space.

    The unique design features pink flamingos and green palm trees, which are lit up by battery-powered LED bulbs.

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  6. Deserted Island Entrance Mat
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    Deserted Island Entrance Mat

    If your back door leads into the kitchen, this entrance mat is for you!

    Decorated with a cute island design, as soon as guests step onto this mat the mood is immediately set as they are reminded of sunshine, beaches and holidays.

    It’s the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen!

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  7. Giclee Art Print
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    Giclee Art Print

    Make sure you don’t leave your kitchen walls empty as there is plenty of space here to use!

    Simply hang up a summery print like this watermelon bike one to help brighten up the space.

    There are plenty of designs to choose from so you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy.


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  8. Flowers Round Cushion
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    Flowers Round Cushion

    Our super soft, luxuriously plump cushions add an instant update to your home décor, and if you pick a summery design they also help brighten it too.

    We love this yellow flower design that isn’t too much it’s off-putting, but is funky enough to catch the eye.

    They are perfect for popping on kitchen chairs!

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  9. Fruitful Candle - Banana
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    Fruitful Candle - Banana

    Whilst brightening up your kitchen it’s important not to forget about scent – all the senses must be addressed to ensure the perfect atmosphere!

    This fruity candle is very summery as not only has it got a bright appearance, but it smells just like fresh banana! Mmmmmmnnn!


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  10. Hello Sunshine Cotton Storage Bag
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    Hello Sunshine Cotton Storage Bag

    Cotton storage bags are perfect for laundry, tea towels, or any other bits and bobs you may find in the kitchen.

    Don’t just pick up a dull one though, choosing one with a summery design means it can be another accessory used to brighten up the space.

    This hello sunshine bag does just that, with a cute smiling sun!

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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