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A Way With Eggs – The Best Ways to Eat Eggs

The little white and yellow liquid ball of protein is one of the oldest foods chosen by humans to nourish and satisfy. I’m talking about the egg of course. We don’t really know whether it came before the chicken or not, but what we do know is it has become a valuable part of our breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. It’s safe to say that the egg is a cornerstone of the British culinary catalogue.

Here at IWOOT, we’ve got three great products that give you three different ways to enjoy eggs, from a new take on the classic egg cup to innovative new gadgets for plenty of yolky fun. Read on to enjoy eggs in a whole new light.

egg in cup

Eggs – Image Source Petra

The Best Way to… start your day like a king

Eggs have been at the breakfast table for decades now, and egg cups have always accompanied them. But what if our mornings could be inspiring? What if they could uplift us and create kings and queens out of us? Well, that might be dreaming a little bit, but with the Arthur Egg Cup, you can stare into the eyes of a miniature knight as you fill up with protein and set yourself up for the day ahead!

The Best Way to… separate your egg yolks

Separating egg whites and yolks is something we’ve been doing for years in the kitchen, but unless you’re a skilled pro, it can often end up messy and a bit of a pain. Using the Yolkfish Egg Separator, you can now have fun while easily splitting up your eggs with this small, silicone goldfish.   Some people don’t like egg yolks, some don’t like the whites, so it’s only right that we have the right tool to give people what they want!

The Best Way to… get your kids eating eggs!

Children don’t like eating eggs, they like sweets and chocolate and sugary things, so how do we get them to eat some healthy protein? It’s the age old question with no seemingly true and definitive answer. Every child is different and will react in their own way to methods of food introduction, what we can say, however, is that every child loves a funny face, and making characters out of their food is a sure fire way to at least get them to stay seated at the table! With the Gregg’s Cheerful Egg Shaper you can plop two big old yolky eyes on a base of egg whites, perfect for creating your child’s favourite superhero, princess, clown or TV character. Give it a go today, you never know, they might just like it!

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