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Father’s Day Gifts: There’s One for Every Type of Dad

No two Dads are created equal; some men love cars, some love football, some love art, and some love music. Here at IWOOT we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all gift for Dads, we like to think we cater for all the different Fathers that exist, and so this is why we’ve put together this guide, which includes all different types of gifts for men. Read on to see our different inspiration layouts for different dads.

So when is Father’s Day?

I think it’s fair to say, that some of us – me included – are always guilty of never quite knowing when days like Father’s Day actually are, it is usually somewhere in the region of 2-3 weeks before the date, that someone, at some point will remind us. Here at IWOOT we’re taking charge, and getting ahead with some fantastic gift ideas so you’re ready for Sunday 15th June.

In our ‘Father’s Day Gift Guide’, we’ll be taking you through the different types of Dad, including: Technology Dad, Nostalgia Dad, Arty Dad and last but not least: Lad Dad. Hopefully, we’ll have provided you with a good selection and ideas for Father’s Day, and you’ll be sorted and organised long before the due date. So without further delay, let us introduce our Dads.

The Technology Dad


The Technology Dad is always ahead of the curve; switching his phone every 6 months for the one with the latest features, making sure his films are all in full HD, and always looking for the next cutting-edge tech.

In our Father’s Day collection for the techy man, we have a pixel-filled, high-definition, retina-display range of gifts for your gizmo-loving Dad. If your Dad’s most prized possession is his HD Television set, then why not treat him to Tarantino’s latest action-packed flick in stunning high-definition? Django Unchained is a visual feast as well as a great narrative and story. Or why not charge your iPhone or iPod in style with the Power Station? For the Dads that love Apple, an iPad Air should do the trick. Or if your Dad likes to combine sports and adventure with technology, get him the perfect gift of a GoPro Hero 3 camera!

The Nostalgia Dad

Maybe your Dad is stuck in the past, always going on about how things were better in his time and how modern stuff is well, rubbish! There’s just nothing you could buy him that would impress him: he doesn’t want an online music voucher because it’s too much hassle, he doesn’t like the latest trends in clothing and he couldn’t think of anything worse than a new smartphone. All in all, he’s impossible to buy for.

Fear not, here at IWOOT we have a wide range of nostalgic retro gifts, including a record player, an old-style radio and a voice recorder that resembles an old cassette recorder. On the other hand, if your Dad’s got a sweet tooth as well as a penchant for yesteryear, why not treat him to our retro sweet jar, crammed with sugary wonders!

The Arty Dad


If it’s the finer things in life that your Dad enjoys, such as art galleries, The French Riviera, fine cinema and Italian coffee, then you’ll find all the more refined things right here at IWOOT. With DVD titles such as The Woody Allen Collection, unique film prints and a minimalist set of picture frames. Show your Arty Dad the finer things in life and he’ll be forever grateful.

The Lad Dad


If your Dad is still a lad at heart and enjoys leisurely activities such as drinking beer, watching the football and shooting things, then this is the section for you. Give the universally appreciated gift of Fifa 14, a large beer stein or a fridge magnet beer-bottle opener. If you really want to go all out, treat your Lad-ish Dad to ‘tank paintballing’. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds!

What are you getting your Dad for Father’s Day? Let us know your plans and gift ideas!



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