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Eco-Friendly Gifts You Need to Have on Your Radar

If you’re looking for gifts with a difference, have you ever wondered about going down the eco route? We’ve rounded up a selection of our top picks when it comes to environmentally-conscious present ideas – ideal for either yourself or a loved one. 

With the festive season coming up, it’s a great time to get something different that you can enjoy whilst doing your bit.

With the Cop26 conference wrapped up in Glasgow last week, the climate has been on everyone’s radar lately. We can all do our bit for the planet, whether that’s swapping the car for public transport, walking or cycling, reducing how much single-use plastic you consume, or cutting down on how much meat you have every week, tweaks to our lifestyle mean that we can look after the world and enjoy it for years to come.

From reusable straws to quirky tote bags, join us for a deep dive into some of our eco-friendly gift ideas.

Get serious about waste for good

If there’s a place in your home where waste is probably the highest, it’s the bathroom. This FOR GOOD set will set the record straight when it comes to bathroom waste.

Swap your current cotton buds and plastic soap dish with ones made out of bamboo, making them friendlier for the environment as they’re compostable. Say goodbye to makeup wipes and cotton pads – did you know millions of these end up in landfills every year, and also contribute to sewage blockages, too? An alternative you’ll get with your set are three reusable cleansing pads – perfect for removing the day’s makeup, dirt, grease and whatever else life throws at your face. You’ll also get a loofah for bath time to make you feel squeaky clean.

Top it all off with a reusable wash bag that you can use for travelling, storing your makeup and it’s a win-win for you and the environment.

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For Earth-friendly sipping

One small change that doesn’t take much effort from your part is swapping your not-so-fantastic plastic straws for stainless steel ones. Our Travel Straw Set deserves a space in your stash – take it on your travels, complete with a cleaning brush and a case to put it in. It’s hygienic and doesn’t cost the planet. If that doesn’t sway you, the convenience might – it even comes with a handy keyring so you’ll never have an excuse to forget it at home. If you’ve been meaning to switch to a more eco-friendly straw variant that isn’t as flimsy as paper straws (we understand that many beverages have been ruined by the paper disintegrating at the bottom due to the moisture of your drink), this is a sign to get your hands on one right now. Ideal for picnics and coffee runs.

Fan of the paper variety? Don’t worry, we’ve got you – get your hands on them over here.

A manual for better living

If you’re inclined to some book-based indulgence, start here with Michelle Neff’s Simple Acts to Save Our Planet hardback. This book makes a great gift, equipping the reader with practical and simple tips that you can start right away. It covers a range of topics from compost (green fingers, anyone?) and easy ways to update your lifestyle like using reusable containers. The book goes as far as listing 500 ways you can start making real changes, some in ways you may not have even realised. Get inspired!

Want more book inspiration for an eco mindset? Check out Kate Arnell’s Six Weeks to Zero Waste book.

For the planet-conscious Masterchef

Is there a cooking extraordinaire in your life? Help them whip up a treat with these elegant and planet-friendly Bamboo Utensil Set – featuring six durable utensils that can be used for preparing a range of delicacies. An extremely practical and functional gift idea, each within the set also feature holes that allow you to hang them in your kitchen for a unique decorating and storage idea.

Your beverages’ new best friend

Ideal for kids and big kids alike, this classic Mr. Men and Little Miss travel mug is a worthy match for any hot drink on the go. Featuring an adorable design inspired by the iconic Mr. Men Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves, feel good knowing you’re transporting your teas, coffees, and hot chocolates in a plastic-free mug. Made from 100% recyclable silicone, they’re also BPA-free and contain biodegradable rice husk.

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Swap the plane for pitching a tent

You might be considering a camping trip over going somewhere abroad this year, and this simple swap makes a world of a difference in helping to reduce carbon emissions. Make sure dad stays hydrated with this steel Portable Insulated Water Bottle, which will allow him to quench his thirst on his next adventure. Whether you’re scaling a mountain or going for a cross country bike ride, this bottle has got you covered with its secure and leak-proof screwtop lid.

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Part outfit upgrade, part picnic companion

Reducing single-use bags are another simple fix that can help you to play your part when it comes to reducing waste. Around half of the plastic produced to date is waste, and only seven percent was recycled. This rightly named Iconic tote bag is a simple yet sophisticated switch you can introduce – it goes with all kinds of casual outfits and is just what you need to make those supermarket trips that extra bit better for the environment. Made out of durable cotton, you can look forward to using yours time and time again.

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Grow your own inner peace

Part of the climate change pledges was an agreement to offset emissions by planting more trees, as they absorb carbon dioxide whilst keeping our wildlife and biodiversity thriving. Plus, everything is better with plants. Cultivate some zen in your house with this grow-your-own bonsai tree kit by Sow and Grow. Think of the immense amounts of satisfaction you’ll get after your bonsai has fully grown. Patience is most definitely a virtue with this one, but good things come to those who wait. Boost the aesthetic of your home with this biodegradable set, which also comes with a planter.

If you’re in the green fingers spirit, check out Sow and Grow even have sets that allow you to grow your own chillis and vegetables, should you be more inclined to something on the culinary side of things.

The kitchen saviour

If the planet could talk, it would be thanking you for choosing these All Natural Scrub Sponges from Kikkerland. It boasts being 100% biodegradable and is made out of natural coconut fiber. Switch out your old scrubber with these adorable ones instead – they come in a set of three with adorable animal designs. The abrasive coconut fibers gently but effectively scrub away grease and residue from your dishes. Happy kitchen, happy you, and certainly a happy planet.

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