Buying fun Christmas gifts for men can sometimes be a challenge, especially if they already have everything under sun! If you are struggling for gifts for Dad, or present ideas for your brother, then you should take a look through our experience days and pick him up something a little different this Christmas. We have a wide range of exciting gifts to choose from including track days for those who love a thrill-ride, a race day for JCB enthusiasts and wine tasting courses for the more sophisticated. Of course, many of our experience days appeal to both men and women whether it is a special gift for couples, a day wondering around a great tourist attraction…or a day feeding the addictions of the adrenaline junkie! Let us embrace the exhilaration of falling out of the sky and introduce you to some of our most daring gifts.

Tandem Sky Dive in Northamptonshire

After flying high into the sky with a giddy feeling in your tummy the surrealism of the situation hits you, and with the ground looking unrecognisable at 7 thousand feet, the experience is quite hard to comprehend. However before you have time to take the moment in, the instructor straps himself to your back and it begins. You’re secure. Goosebumps. It’s time. Are you ready? 1, 2, 3….WHOOSH! Why not give someone the ultimate dare this Christmas and give them a fantastic experience they will never ever forget. Click here for more information.


2 for 1 Airkix Indoor Sky Diving Special Offer

If you would love to give someone this amazing gift, but you are not sure if they will enjoy the entire experience, then why not just give them the best bit! This indoor sky diving gift for two (for the prize of one!) will open the door to the super high air speeds you would experience up in the sky, without having to throw yourself out of a plane! Click here to find out more.


Helicopter Ride Over London for Two

Of course, there will be some of us that see a day falling out of the sky as an ordeal instead a breath taking rush of adrenaline! Not to worry; we have a gift idea that will let them enjoy the bird’s eye view from the safety of the bladed bird of the skies, the helicopter. This gift for two will let you enjoy the spectacular sights of London from a brand new view, creating memories that will be cherished forever. Click here to buy.


60 Minute Extended Flying Lesson (UK Wide)

Better still; give someone the chance to fly a mechanic bird of the skies themselves! This is the perfect gift for those who dream of becoming a pilot, or perhaps you know someone who has experienced all the track days there is to offer? Why not surprise them with the chance to get their hands on the controls of a plane, and enjoy an invigorating endless stretch of blue track. Click here to read more.


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