Now that Christmas is done and dusted (though the streets still seem to be littered with pine needles from discarded trees), we’ve had a couple of photos sent to us of people enjoying their IWOOT Christmas presents. This is exactly the sort of thing we love to receive at IWOOT, and heck, it makes us feel all warm inside, so we thought we’d share it with you.

First up, here’s an alternative use of one of our boxes, courtesy of @weeniebeenie on Twitter:

And this one from @harrietjeckells, who bought one of our Sumo Suits for her little brother:

Happiest boy ever? Probably. Furthermore, here’s one of his dad:

Do feel free to tweet us your snaps of IWOOT stuff in use, even if it’s just a cat in one of our boxes. Actually, make that particularly if it’s just a cat in one of our boxes.

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