Whilst most of us are waiting for the price of our property to start rising again, putting off moving to a bigger home has turned out to be inevitable. So how do we make the most of what we have to tide us over? Here at IWOOT we have put together 5 easy ways to refresh the look of your home and maximise the space you have so that staying put needn’t be a bad thing. Whether you have a cosy one bed flat in the middle of the city or a charming cottage in the middle of the British countryside, our 5 tips to make the most of your space can be applied to any humble abode.

1. Smart storage

When you don’t have much room to play with, making the most of your floor space is a must. Why not ditch those tired looking bookcases and turn your fireplace alcoves in storage units? Or why not brighten up the children’s room and make tidy time fun with these innovative stack-able LEGO storage box units?

Red lego storage box

2. Be selective with wall colours

Dark or bold colours on your walls are only going to suck the light our of your room and make it seem smaller. Stick to light, calming colours that enhance the light in your home. However, if plain white walls are little too fresh for your liking, then why not inject some colour and character onto an accent wall in the room? Check out our range of funky wall art and snap up some statement wall murals.

tree silouhette wall murial

3. Be strategic with your mirrors

We have all been fooled by that mirrored wall in a public place so it is not hard to understand how the bigger the mirror, the more spacious a room can feel. However, where you place it can make the world of difference too! Don’t be afraid to put a large mirror in the hallway – the mirror can reflect light down the long room making it feel wider then it is. Or why not replace your tiny wall cabinet above the sink with a luxurious large mirror that spans the length of the wall?

4. Clear the decks

Keeping surfaces free from clutter is a must to ensure nothing obscures the length of your room. Simple desk organisers and stowaway storage baskets can help keep this type of clutter tidied away, but why not bring a little quirkiness into your home whilst you are at it? Make the most of your wall space in the kitchen whilst using light textured wall storage, like this funky light coloured wire wall storage basket. Or how about keeping your beloved home plants off the side by taking advantage of your ceiling space with some unusual sky planters?

white wire wall basket storage

white sky planter

5. Subtle home accesories

Make your soft furnishings even softer on the eye by sticking to light colours like this beautiful woven cushion by Malini. However, not everything has to be light, inject fun into your lightened space with pops of colour. Check out our wide range of colourful kitchen accessories to pick up some ideas on how best to colour theme your kitchen space, like these very quirky espresso cups.

cream knitted cushion by malini




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