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Minecraft LEGO Sets

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LEGO Minecraft

Bring the signature building gameplay of Mojang Studio’s best-selling video game to the real world with IWOOT UK’s wide range of Minecraft LEGO sets. These products include authentic recreations of the world and its many inhabitants, allowing you to reconstruct your in-game creations in miniature scale.

An Endless World

The first LEGO Minecraft set was released in 2012 after Mojang submitted the idea to the LEGO CUUSOO program and received more than 10,000 signatures — the prerequisite number for any submission to be reviewed — in two days with the support of the community. Following the rollout of the first Micro-World set, LEGO developed further themes that centred around the Nether (an underworld-like dimension), the Village (groups of buildings that exist in the Minecraft map), and The End (a space-like dimension).

Similar to the games, early sets featured different levels. Removable surfaces allowed users to view underground, where there would be caves filled with ores (such as diamond and iron), minecart tracks, and rivers. Scenes could also be rearranged, so the experience could be constructed in different ways.

Included with the sets were various minifigures based on items (such as minecarts), mobs (such as Creepers and the Ender Dragon), animals (such as sheep and cows), and characters. In 2019, larger figures known as BigFigs were unveiled, which featured Steve (the game’s mascot) and the Skeleton (a type of common mob). These were much larger than standard LEGO minifigures, drawing parallels with Bionicle.

Enter Creative Mode

If you’ve ploughed hours of your time into Mojang’s digital sandbox world, our LEGO Minecraft sets are the ideal way to keep creating. Explore countless terrains — including The Warped Forest and The Abandoned Mine — and let your imagination run wild.

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