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Here we are bringing you our entire range of Lego kits and sets, all in one convenient place. With hundreds to choose from, keep checking back for our latest offers for that perfect gift for any budding fan. Ideal for kids and adults alike, shop our complete collection of Lego goodness right here at IWOOT UK.

Popular Sets From Your Favourite Shows & Films

Lego have jumped onto some of the biggest franchises out there and we’re bringing them to you at IWOOT, which is no wonder why they are such a well-known brand. You’ll need to muster up all the force you can gather when building one of our Lego Star Wars sets, featuring the likes of Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder playset for the kids, or even a Darth Vader Helmet set for adults if you're more on the dark side of things.

Build your very own Minecraft Treehouse set, get right into the heart of the action with a Marvel Avengers compound battle set, or transport yourself into the thick of the magic with our Harry Potter Lego sets, featuring the likes of the potion making class at Hogwarts, Hagrid’s Hut and the Astronomy Tower. The only thing you’ll need to make things even better is your imagination!

Kit Yourself Out and Get Creative

As well as our sets, we also have a selection of kits to get stuck into. Get those creative juices flowing with a DOTS creative party kit, ideal for birthday parties for children. Another firm favourite for the little ones is Robot Coding Robotics kit. These will be sure to get your kids involved hands-on into some great fun, using their creativity and problem-solving skills, resulting in a whole lot of enjoyment for everyone involved. Keep both adults and kids entertained for ours with all our Lego sets and browse the range now!