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Three Kitchen Accessories for a Great Summer Party

The months are getting warmer now and the excuses not to get out the barbecue and deck chairs out are starting to run thin. You no longer need to go out to the same old restaurants, cafes, and shopping centres to have a good time, the summer months bring with them – hopefully – the good weather, meaning sitting in your garden can be a cheap and easy pastime.

Here at IWOOT, we’ve put together a list of three things that you can pick up to enjoy your time in the sun, and maybe even put on the perfect summer party. From having a few friends round to chat about nothing with a few bottles of wine, to throwing an all-out bash, we’ve got you sorted with these summer gifts and kitchen accessories.

The Waterfall Wine Chiller – for spontaneous nights

Sometimes summer parties and gatherings can be a little bit spontaneous, and you may find yourself unprepared and taken by surprise when your friends turn up unexpected. So if you’ve got nothing prepared, at least have one thing ready. This wine chiller will keep your favourite bottle chilled at the right temperature, so you’ll be ready for those unplanned nights that always turn out to be the best ones!

Grill it up for the special occasions!

When you’ve got a bigger, planned gathering, people can expect food and more of a ‘party vibe’. Bobbing in and out of the kitchen can be a real downer and sometimes make you feel like you’re not part of the party. What you really need is some sort of bridge-gap between you and the kitchen. With the Stir 6-piece Swiss Party Grill you can serve your guests and friends at the table and lay the food out for show, leaving your guests to pick and nibble as you do the same and join in!


Be the king or queen of cocktails and impress your guests!

Having friends or guests over is one thing, and putting on a real show is another. Give your attendees something to talk about after with your awesome cocktail-making skills. What’s that? You don’t know how? Fear not, because we’ve got all you need to become well-equipped with all the cocktail stills you need.

The Good Times Cocktail Party Gift Set includes a cocktail menu and ingredients list, funky flamingo stirrers, cocktail party games book and lemon and lime slice coasters. With this cool set, you’ll be delivering party-pleasers in no time!

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