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James May’s Lego House

Top Gear’s James May is making every child’s dream a reality and actually building a house out of Lego. An actual, full-sized, complete with bathroom facilities, honest to goodness house. I spent many an afternoon sat in the middle of my bedroom, surrounded by building blocks, trying to scrape together enough of the same colour to build a spaceship (not a futuristic spaceship, one of the NASA ones). But alas, I never had enough white or round edges to do the job properly so I’d just end up making a multi-coloured batmobile instead. Not that Batman would ever have been seen dead in it.

The project was part of James May’s BBC2 series “James May’s Toy Stories” and, staying true to the spirit of the task, he made 600 free tickets available to anyone who fancied popping along to build a section – he even suggested they brought their unwanted Lego.

May said he came up with the idea for the project over a beer with friends.

“Your imagination is always bigger than your stockpile when you’re a kid,” he said. “Up until now, the largest thing I’ve ever built with Lego was probably a plane or a battleship, because that was all I could build with the amount I had.”

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