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Feature: AV: Link AV-SB100 Bluetooth Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

We love AV: Link here at IWOOT, we can’t deny it! We’re constantly blown away by the quality they produce at pretty reasonable price points. With your audio set-up needing a boost this Summer, we take a look at this AV Link Soundbar and Subwoofer and put it through its paces. If you’re looking for great audio quality with 360-degree immersive audio potential, the AV-SB100 is a powerful speaker unit that might just tickle your pickle!

We put one of these units through its paces to give you a definitive review of what makes this soundbar and subwoofer combo a great buy if you’re on a budget.

AV Link Soundbar and Subwoofer Features

  • Innovative design; able to separate the soundbar into two individual left and right speakers.
  • Wireless subwoofer with deep bass technology.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • ARC, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and AUX inputs.
  • Remote control (batteries not included)
  • All relevant wires included (except HDMI) and a set of wall mounts and speaker stands.

Setting up the speaker is a fairly easy experience. All you need to do is plug in all the relevant parts and you’re ready to go. The sub and soundbar connected automatically without needing to follow the set-up instructions, however the set-up instructions themselves seemed fairly simple. We did run into some difficulties connecting up the unit to the TV, but once this is done the audio quality shines through making your home cinema experience even more immersive. With the soundbar separated into two individual speakers and the sub below we’d nailed the 360-degree audio immersion. The audio output quality is perfect for just watching TV and holds its own on most action flicks (looking at you Michael Bay). After routing in the back of the drawers for some triple A batteries, we added the remote control into our set up. This opens up the flexibility of switching between channels while you’re sat on the sofa and fancy listening to that banging summer playlist instead of watching another Netflix series.

Is the AV Link Soundbar and Subwoofer the Right Audio System for Me?

We will admit the only fault we really see is that through the TV it doesn’t seem to go much louder than the TV speakers would normally. When watching Top Gun, Kenny Loggin’s iconic banger Danger Zone didn’t blast through us quite as we’d expected. The speakers seem to be limited in how loud they can get when played through the TV which is a bit of a pain.

HOWEVER, we think this speaker unit sings its own praises in a very different way which seems to be where AV Link have really found their footing: Bluetooth connectivity. We connected up our iPhone (as usual with AV Link) effortlessly and began playing music. Now this is where the fun begins. The audio is perfectly balanced between the two speakers with the deep bass sounds coming through the sub. The volume goes up stupidly loud giving you enough guts to annoy your neighbours, your neighbours, neighbours, and your neighbours, neighbours, neighbours (Still with us? Good). This makes the speaker system a great audio system for playing your music through and the Bluetooth connectivity is so simple it made us shed a little tear. Compared to the other AV Link Soundbar we recently tested, there’s no faffing about with an EQ. The sound just…works…and comes out as it was intended by the artist. With the speaker redeeming itself on this front we do admit the audio quality through the TV is equally as good it just could do with reaching that extra level in terms of volume. If you don’t mind not being able to blow your head off with the volume up button, this is still a very good option to go for in bumping up your home audio system on a budget.

AV Link Soundbar and Subwoofer

AV Link Soundbar and Subwoofer: The Verdict

In all honesty, we LOVE this little combo. If you’re looking for a great Bluetooth speaker system that can handle your TV and audio as well then this is 100% what you should be looking at. For the price point it’s perfect for supplying the sound to your parties and get-togethers, but also wouldn’t go amiss playing the radio on a rainy Sunday morning. The speaker also holds its own pretty well through the TV, we just can’t help but feel it needs a little more “hootzpah” to make it really sing. If you’re looking for a great versatile speaker at an affordable price, we’d definitely recommend this combo to give your home entertainment set-up a boost for a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay. You keep doing you, AV Link!




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