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5 Things You Need To Celebrate Your Pooches Birthday

For those lockdown puppies turning two this year, and in honour of International Dog Day on August 26th, 2022, IWOOT wants to make sure all you dog owners have everything you need to celebrate your dogs like the good girls and boys that they are. Our puppies are spoiled every day, whether they are good or bad, but their birthdays are a genuine occasion for some real puppy love!

With your canines always showering you with love and attention, as well as the occasional slobber, the time has come to reward this affection, albeit without the slobber, on their special birthday or Gotcha Day, for those who are unsure when their bundle of cuteness was born. We’ve thought of everything for the perfect dog birthday, from doggie birthday hats to dog toys and pet gifts that will keep them busy for hours, in addition to letting them on the sofa or extra cuddles in the morning.

1. It’s Paw-ty Time!

The first thing you’ll need to celebrate your dog’s birthday in style is decorations. As with any other party, a little extra glitz to set the tone will surely get the party started. Not sure where to start? No need to worry, because we’ve got the perfect dog birthday party box, along with a special dog toy that’s guaranteed to get some tails wagging.

Begin unpacking this box to uncover everything you need to honour your four-legged companion, including their own party hat and bow tie to guarantee they win best dressed. This dog party box includes a celebration banner to hang so everyone knows who the lucky pup is, as well as three colourful streamers and confetti for the perfect Instagram puppy picture.

2. Puppy Pampering

The second component of this puppy love party will be all of the essential kits to guarantee that the birthday girl or boy looks wonderful for the event. Although it may be difficult to get your dog into the bath, the end result will be well worth the effort. Add Wild & Woofy to the bath routine, which contains aloe vera and oatmeal shampoo, which is ideal for the pups’ already faultless skincare routine, as well as a brush for all the problematic places produced by their opinion that racing through mud is the best thing since cooked chicken.

Just when you think you’ve heard everything there is to know about keeping your best friend looking as gorgeous as ever, another addition to the bathtime ritual appears: a doggie bath bomb. Yes, you read that right. Make your dog feel as pampered as possible, which he or she, and your nose, will definitely appreciate.

3. Party Ready

After bathing and combing, these exceptional pups simply require a few finishing touches to ensure they are ready for the ball (both literally and figuratively). The finishing touch to the birthday dog’s outfit could be an adorable dog bandana to complete their minimalist attire and ensure they look the part. There are so many great and charming styles to pick from, with bright and dark colours to fit any pooch.

4. Choose the Pawfect Present

After you’ve gathered all of the party essentials, the next step is to select the best dog toy for that fluff ball. For those who battle with chewers, we may have a solution for the dog who is constantly nibbling on something (typically something they shouldn’t be) or begging with puppy dog eyes and paws. A snack launcher can keep your dog pleased while you work, reducing the risk of jumbled messages being sent when they try to sit on your lap while you are on the computer.

We may have something that will tire out those lively dogs who are always ready to go for a stroll and may not always return when they are off the lead. The ball launcher is an ingenious contraption that lets you lock and load two tennis balls before blasting them. Pull the trigger and allow your dog to search and retrieve. Anyone who dislikes the discomfort of overarm throwing will love this, as will their dog when they get to run for a very long throw.

Most dogs are ecstatic when they hear that lovely word beginning with w, which cannot be said unless you intend to take them. This magical phrase has various versions, the most common of which is “walkies”. Now it only seems fitting to participate in one of your pup’s favourite activities on their special day and make sure you are prepared for that little or not-so-small dog with a walking kit to ensure nothing is left behind, especially poo bags, which are always in a different coat pocket when you need them the most.

5. Dont Forget About the Humans

Finally, give yourself a pat on the back and a gift for arranging this puppy’s lovely day as well as loving them so much on a regular basis. This present for dog owners could range from a puppy-themed pillow to a celebratory cocktail. This beverage of your choice may be displayed in a cup that you gave to yourself and is undoubtedly regarded as priceless as this mug officially declares you the best dog parent.

Bring a piece of your love for dogs with you by wearing dog socks and hoodies to demonstrate your passion for your four-legged friend.

Now is the time to be a proud dog parent and reflect on how fast they have grown up. To really celebrate and knock it out of the park (literally), take them on a day trip, perhaps to the beach, where they can feel the sea breeze through their fur. To find the ideal beach for your pooch, check out IWOOT’s list of the most Instagrammable dog-friendly beaches.

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Phoebe Whittaker

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