Spring Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home For The Season

Winter is finally nearly over as spring is just around the corner, starting later this month on 20th March here in the UK.

With a new season upon us it is time to, if you will forgive the pun, spring into action and freshen up your home with a good clean as well as some new decor. Little touches of course, not a major renovation.

How else would you usher in a new season, especially one which is all about new life and beginnings? Here’s some inspiration and ideas to help get you started.

Spring Clean


You don’t need us to tell you the importance of a good old fashioned spring clean. Get your hoover, mop and marigold gloves out at the ready as it is time to get the house sparkling.

This is also a great time to have a clear-out to make room for new possessions, maybe some fresh home accessories?

We recommend getting your home spick-and-span first before moving on to the real fun part – decorating!

Fresh Florals


One of the things most associated with spring is flowers as they start to bloom with the arrival of a new season.

It’s a great time then to bring that flower power into your home through fresh floral accessories, which can either be bold or subtle.

And with there being such a wide range of floral decor out there, we are sure you will find something which will match your colour scheme and style.

Simplicity Is Key


Talking of subtleties, spring to us brings up images of simple and minimal designs to tie into the idea of a clean slate.

Sometimes simplicity is key, and there really is nothing better than fresh white sheets and towels.

The accessories don’t need to be completely white though, ones with a little design or motif also work really well adding a pop which ensures that whilst they are still simple, they also stand out.

Bright Accessories


Okay, so we know that we have just said simplicity is key but if you are a fun of all things colourful then this is also your time to shine as bright accessories are always in during springtime.

You can either go big or add a splash of colour in spots around your home – this will work particularly well if you do keep your style relatively stripped back or simple.

Let’s Get Cooking


With spring being all about getting outside and the start of new life, it’s often the time people start gardening and that could indeed lead you to spending more time in the kitchen, cooking with all the herbs and vegetables you have grown.

If that is indeed the case why not give your kitchen in particular a refresh, with bright utensils to remind you of spring or even accessories inspired by the great outdoors.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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