5 Must-Have Items for Preparing Your Home for Autumn

Now that we’ve all turned the calendar page to September, it’s time to prepare your home for autumn and the chill that comes with it. They say autumn begins when the first leaf turns that magnificent orange colour, but some feel it does not begin until October, which has led to the question, “When does autumn begin?” The official first day of autumn in the UK this year is September 23rd, 2022, giving us just enough time to start preparing our homes for when the nights get darker sooner.

Although some people are still in the summer mood, autumn is on its way. Prepare for the cold nights by decorating your home in autumnal colours to preserve the cosiness inside. As we say goodbye to BBQs and sunbathing, we have produced a list of some key items that we believe are essential when contemplating what you may include in your home accessories, covering everything from blankets to coasters and even board games to play when you want to have a cosy night in.

1. Candles and Fragrances

Many people comment on the scents of autumn and winter when they talk about the seasons. Thanks to Starbucks, pumpkin spice is the most common aroma that many people associate with autumn, with cinnamon and ginger spice coming in a close second. These smells often fill you with warmth and make you want to spend the entire day curled up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate.

Autumnal candles, especially amber candles that fit the fall dress code, are a great way to get into the spirit of the season. Alternatively, utilise an aroma diffuser to enjoy any of your favourite autumn aromas while complimenting the snug ambience with its design and keeping you nice and toasty without the worry of remembering to blow it out.

2. Its Blanket Time

Even if the fall cold hasn’t hit you yet, be ready to counteract the chill with these home accessories in the form of the fluffiest of blankets and throws. These fleece blankets will not only keep you and your guests warm, but they will also keep your sofas and beds looking lovely and in season, thanks to all of the seasonal colours and designs that will be released when the leaves fall. With the great invention of blanket hoodies, you may feel comfortable inside and out, allowing you to remain festive and cosy when reaching for your hot drink, getting a snack, or locating the remote.

3. Cushions

When the nights start becoming darker earlier and you just want to get home and relax, making sure you are comfortable is crucial, which is why cushions are required as well as to maintain the fall theme. There is a range of materials available while remaining soft to the touch for that comfy, calming, cuddling feeling and, when coupled with your blanket, ensure you’re living your best life.

4. Mugs

Warm drinks, most notably hot chocolate, are another mainstay as we approach the end of the year. If you love fall and want to show it off, how about some autumn-themed mugs to get you in the mood for the season? Not only can this commemorate the upcoming weather and be the best way to consume wonderful (most likely chocolate) drinks, but it can also wow guests as you expand your mug collection, and all of these mugs give you even more reason to drink as much hot chocolate as you want.

A mug collection would be incomplete without coasters, which will not only prevent that dreaded ring on your pricey coffee table but can also now be in keeping with this beautiful autumn theme!

5. Entertainment

When stepping outside doesn’t seem so appealing and you’ve made your home so cosy, it’s inevitable that the sofa will call and you won’t be able to resist the need to watch something. After you’ve exhausted all other alternatives and considered watching Christmas movies that shouldn’t be seen until December, it’s time to bring out the board games.

Bring joy to your freshly fashioned autumnal home decorations with party and board games such as Monopoly and all the new themes such as The Night Before Christmas and even Star Wars. Alternatively, test your knowledge of your favourite films to see if all of your binge-watching has paid off, and brush off the cobwebs with a much-needed respite from the television.

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Phoebe Whittaker

Phoebe Whittaker

Writer and expert