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Feature: Lumie Lamps for Light and Skin Therapy

This year, IWOOT is proud to launch a range of Lumie lamps – Bodyclock alarm clocks, SAD and energy lights and Skincare lights – on our site. Here we look into their latest products.

Our lights treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and winter blues, boost mood and energy levels and improve sleep.


Just as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is known to lead to feeling the ‘winter blues’ – a lack of energy and drive to socialise – Lumie lights have been shown to instil feelings of energy and motivation in athletes, clinical patients and study participants alike. Lumie is now a supplier to the NHS and recommended by SADA, the dedicated SAD charity in the UK. Lumie is also a committed University of Cambridge research partner and an official and long-standing supplier of the British Swimming team.

Lumie lamp on table with man writingImage source: Lumie

Wake-up and sleep better: sunrise and sunset alarm clocks

Image source: Lumie

Rather than jolt you awake with sound as common alarm clocks do, the bestselling Bodyclock alarm clock series of wake-up lights mimic sunrise to more naturally stir you from sleep with light. Light is intrinsic to the body’s sleeping and waking rhythm, known as the circadian cycle. Lumie Bodyclock alarm clocks work by re-setting your circadian rhythm with gradually intensifying light. Further, Bodyclock models also have a fading sunset feature that – through gradually diminishing light, as well as the removal of stimulating blue light – can help prepare your body for sleep.

SAD and energy lights

Lumie lamp on table with woman readingImage source: Lumie

Light therapy puts you in a better mood, boosts alertness and help you to feel more awake so it’s a great way of improving well-being at work.


On a sunny day outdoors, we might experience 100,000 lux of light, where 2,500 lux has been linked with improved well-being. On a wintry day, however, where light is weak and limited, we might only experience 500 lux – indeed, even the brightest office provides only this amount. This lack of bright light can lead to fatigue, social withdrawal and overeating, which can affect home life, work and social relationships. A regular, 30 minute, bright light session can help your body get back on track – regulating eating and sleeping patterns, and improving feelings of well-being.


Working with dermatology experts, Lumie developed Clear, a light with anti-bacterial blue light and inflammation soothing red light. Lumie found: ‘At the end of three months, testers’ skin was significantly smoother with 58% fewer spots and 76% less inflamed – better than the drug treatment group.’ And once your skin feels and looks great, the Lumie Clear will help to keep it that way with occasional use.

To find the perfect Lumie lamp for you, make sure to check out our Lumie page here.

To celebrate Lumie launching on site, use the code LUMIE10 to get £10 OFF the Lumie Bodyclock Go 75 here until 13th April 2017!

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