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Buy your very own BB8 Sphero Droid!

When Disney released the first The Force Awakens trailer all those months ago, one of the first things we were exposed to was a little football shaped droid that we knew was going to give R2 a run for his money. Everyone’s first thought was ‘but how does it work?! Is it CGI?’ Well, now we have definitive proof that BB-8 is a fully functional droid & you can now buy your very own BB8 Sphero on IWOOT.

Not only is the App enabled BB8 Sphero droid super detailed & maneuverable it is really cute & is guaranteed hours of fun whether you are a child or just a big kid! Believe us, you don’t Obi-Wan to miss out on this one!

The BB8 Sphero droids’ personality really shines through. The way it moves are like nothing you have ever seen before. It’s completely authentic to the film & is way more than just a toy, it’s a companion! IWOOT have now welcomed the BB8 Sphero as the new office pet (almost as cute as a puppy but the BB8 Sphero is a lot less messy!)

To manoeuvre the BB8 Sphero you simply hook it up to the app on your smartphone (compatible with apple and android) and off you go!

BB8 Sphero features:

  • Authentic movement: Guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Listens & responds: BB-8 recognises and reacts to your voice.
  • Holographic communication: Record & view virtual holographic videos with BB-8
  • Autonomous behaviour: BB-8’s unique attitude and actions evolve as you interact.

BB8 Sphero hardware:

  • Inductive charging base: Wireless power transfer, electromagnetic field.
  • Traitware: Engaging personality, legendary loyalty.
  • Skillware: App-enables guidance, voice interaction.
  • Hardwear: Extremely agile, exceptionally durable.

What are you waiting for, buy your very own BB8 Sphero from IWOOT now!

Johnny Bowles

Johnny Bowles

Writer and expert