We’re a creative bunch here at IWOOT Towers, and being creative can be a little exhausting (we blogged about the Teletubbies on Friday, for pity’s sake). So sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration to kick-start our week, and today it’s come in the form of this excellent collection of amazing print ads. In terms of design and message, some of these are totally amazing and a great reminder that there are better adverts out there than Peter Jones riding around on a supermarket trolley. Take the Stag picture (left), for example: it’s a WWF ad (the wildlife charity, not the wrestlers) that deftly polarises the natural and mechanical worlds to make a worthwhile point, and it looks beautiful. My favourite is the Veet one, pictured below, but there are a vast amount of innovative campaigns to whet your Monday morning appetite for creativity.


Here’s the rest of the list – many thanks to Cartridge Save for compiling them and brightening the beginning of our week, and to JimboWoot for spotting it.

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