Top Five Home Design Instagram Accounts Perfect For Inspiration

Here at IWOOT we are pretty obsessed with interior design and spend hours scrolling through Instagram for all the latest trends and style inspiration.

From bold splashes of colour, to monochrome dreams, to indoor jungles and minimalist setups, there is a whole range of styles out there with an endless list of home accounts on Instagram to follow and obsess over.

Here are five of our favourites, the ideal places to go to for home inspiration.



If we could describe Jucelma Da Silva’s home in one word, it would definitely be cosy!

Using grey and pink tones, warm lights, candles and fluffy cushions, Da Silva creates a snug, welcoming and mellow atmosphere that is immediately relaxing.

A pro when it comes to furnishings, all we want to do is relax on that cosy sofa amongst the comforting blankets and cushions.

Da Silva also gives us another glimpse at her personal style through the art prints on the wall.



Although house plants have always been a thing, they seem to have only grown in popularity over the past years with more and more people embracing the plant life.

Which is exactly what Instagrammer thisenglishhome has done, filling their home with gorgeous greenery on both the inside and the outside.

Seriously though, the combination of the plants and monochrome furnishings just works beautifully.



If you love that vintage cottage-like feel, then you must go follow Cherry over at dickson_vintage for inspiration.

Passionate about transforming old and unloved furniture and giving it a new lease of life, Cherry’s style is also inspired by the 600 year old country house she grew up in on a dairy farm in Herefordshire.

So expect plenty of beautiful wooden furniture, florals and cute homely touches such as an adorable teapot or wall hanging.



A quick scroll through Instagram will tell you that grey is in when it comes to home interior design, so we just had to feature hannahs.home.styling on this list.

Styling her first family home, Hannah has done a tremendous job using beautiful and soft crushed grey velvet, adding splashes of cool pink and white in there for a neat contrast.

The sofa in her living room is definitely a highlight, perfect for crashing on for a Netflix binge after a hard day at work.



As well as crushed grey, the other big trend at the moment when it comes to home interior design is monochrome, with Marta Kop’s home being a black-and-white dream.

Clean cut, cool and very stylistic, Marta’s home is a monochrome haven in every room as she puts to use furnishings and art prints for added flair.

It is also definitely worth following her account for cute pup Bella too.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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