So, how did you survive April Fools? We managed to get off lightly over here at IWOOT! To celebrate this day of pranks and jokes, we thought we would collect together some of our favourite pranks to give you inspiration for next year…or next week if your are feeling mischievous, who says you have to be cheeky just on April Fools!

Retro PhoneCling film! The perfect weapon to conduct the perfect April Fool prank. Whether you are cling filming the toilet seat to catch your dad first thing in the morning, or completing you are covering your mate’s car, with its mischievously clear appearance and clingy nature is the perfect accompaniment to conduct your April foolery!

The surprising, cruel or mind boggling text – “I’m pregnant”, “I crashed your car” or “Your flies are un-done”. Wait for the dazzled response and/or watch as your victim face fills with confusion and shock!

Classic office trickery! Popping some paper on the bottom of someone’s computer mouse to “immobilise” the sensor, swapping around the keys on a computer keyboard or completing covering a colleagues work station in sticky notes! The perfect way to start your colleague’s day  with a few laughs…and maybe some grumbles.

Foodie pranks! Why not take a pack of Oreos, remove the delicious filling and replace it with toothpaste…ergh. Or treat your housemates to a sweet packed treat with their morning tea and present them with some doughnuts, filled with mayo, yuck! We don’t know about you, but we are glad this didn’t happen to us today!Full Head Squirrel Mask

If you feel really adventurous, how about doing some pranks on some helpless pedestrians? Like gluing down a £2 coin onto the path and seeing who is brave enough to pick it up…and fail. Or maybe you could keep it simple and pop out of the bushes in a scary morphsuit, or as a surprising animal using something like this random squirrel mask. Or if you don’t fancy dressing up, perhaps you could just spend some time in a shop window scaring unsuspecting window shoppers?

However cheeky, daring or gullible you are, we hope you managed to have some fun this April Fools day. Why not check out our gifts section where find loads of weird yet wonderful gift ideas, including some products that could be questionable April Fools products, like some dog butt magnets for your fridge, a London underground tent, or how about some Irish accent spray?

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