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Forget the office politics and bring the sass of the workplace Secret Santa. Yes it can be a bind thinking what to buy, but don't worry we've got you covered with more office Secret Santa gifts & ideas than you can shake a minced pie at. Want a bit of a giggle too? Our funny Secret Santa ideas and rude gifts are sure to go down as office folklore.

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Tips for a Great Secret Santa

Whether you're running or just taking part in the office secret Santa, everyone wants a bit of fun, festive cheer and a good time. So why do most colleagues struggle with the idea of buying a surprise present for a co-worker, however you feel you can have a great time with our tips:

Pick a Theme

If you're in charge of it all, perhaps not sure where to start, why not pick a theme? Having a theme or challenge can make it less daunting for those looking for a gift as their gift options are reduced. Perhaps a gift that starts with that persons initials, or Christmas related.

It might sound a little like organised fun, but it might also encourage more colleagues to get involved and harder to guess who your secret Santa was.

Set a Budget

It's easy to get carried away at Christmas and secret Santa is no different, but your colleagues will have other priorities for their money at Christmas. Why not set a gift budget of £5 or £10 so no-one feels like they've got a stingy secret Santa.

A gift budget also helps people find what to buy a colleague for secret Santa thanks to sections like Secret Santa gifts for less than £10.

Don't Force the Fun

Remember that not everyone will feel as tinsel-tastic as you and might not want to take part, if that's the case, don't force the fun. Nothing sucks the fun out of an office Secret Santa like people feeling that they have no choice but to take part.

Take Secret Santa at Face Value

It's only a little bit of fun, don't get hung up on it. While you might not get the gift you've always wanted, your office Secret Santa is only ever a bit of fun, so take it at face value. If nothing else, it'll provide a good water cooler moment or an opportunity to chat over a brew.

How to Pick a Secret Santa Gift for a Colleague

So you're taking part in the work Secret Santa and you need some help looking for that perfect gift idea, but where do you start? You might not know your colleague that well, perhaps you're new to the company and want to make a good impression.

Pick up the Hints

So you might not hang around with your gift recipient outside of work, but there are probably some hints you can pick up on in the office to help you figure out the best gift for them. Perhaps they drink from a Star Wars mug, bring in baked goodies or just like a good time, these are all small hints that you can use to help end your search for a great gift for a colleague.

Equally, you might think you have the best gift idea in the world already and they're sure to love it. STOP! Take a moment to think about whether they'll love it quite as much as you, you might love a crochet kit, but they might not be as crafty as you.

Stick to the Theme & Budget

No one likes rules and you might feel like a secret Santa theme or budget are there to spoil your fun, but sticking to them will help to stop others feeling awkward. Lets face it, if you went overboard, getting a £20 instead of a £10 secret Santa gift, you're going to feel a little annoyed.