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18th Birthday Gifts

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18th Birthday Presents

If you know someone special in your life who is just about to hit the big one-eight, then IWOOT’s 18th birthday gifts are the place to start your celebratory preparations. Shop our hundreds of whacky, wonderful and unique presents for Generation Z to celebrate them completing 6570 days on Earth!

Unique Gift Ideas for Their 18th

Becoming an adult can be daunting. They might be off to university, or maybe begin their passage into adulthood and straight to working life. Failing that, perhaps they’re off on a gap year to find themselves. Then you’ve got the geeky types, the class clowns, the gamers, the fashion-savvy ones, the Netflix bingers, and the ones that are still trying to figure themselves out.

Regardless of what their next chapter is, you’re proud of them and want to treat them to something special, right?

Too right. Equip them with everything they need for this exciting new chapter with their very own shot roulette games, barware, travel maps for when they’re finding themselves on their year abroad, novelty bottle openers for their boozy yet responsible ventures, cool clothing, mugs they won't be embarrassed to use, mixtapes, officially merchandised toys and games for the geek at heart, and more.

Make Their Birthday One They’ll Remember!

We’ve got a range of out-of-the-ordinary ideas for celebrating that new adult. How about an experience day racing in a supercar, a flying lesson, or something more relaxing like a spa day?

This day only comes around once a year, so make that transition into adulthood count for something and browse our 18th birthday gifts collection now.