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Jurassic Park Homeware

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Browse IWOOT’s collection of raw-some Jurassic Park homeware, and turn your home into a prehistoric theme park full of humongous predators with killer teeth and gnarly strength. Here you will find a wide range of Jurassic Park blankets, mugs, rugs, and more!
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Jurassic Park Home Additions

The Jurassic Park franchise achieved mainstream popularity when director Steven Spielberg debuted his live-action adaptation of Michael Crichton’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name. Introducing filmgoers to a theme park filled with all manner of previously extinct dinosaurs (including the T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Triceratops), the movie successfully managed to reignite audiences’ passion for the Mesozoic Era.

If you’re one of the many fans who can’t wait to experience the wonder and terror of the dinosaurs with each new instalment in the franchise (be they part of the original series or the Jurassic World sequels), our line-up of Jurassic Park homeware provides a unique opportunity for you to bring the park to your home.

Jurassic Park Cushions, Rugs, and Blankets

Spielberg’s dinosaurs may be lacking the feathers that science says they had, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get cosy with a Jurassic Park cushion or fleece blanket. And how about adding a ferocious Jurassic Park rug to tie the look together? The wilderness habitat of the dinosaurs is an unforgiving place, but these home additions will allow you to enjoy your favourite creatures from a safe and warm location.

Jurassic Park Kitchenware

Let’s talk kitchens! Dinosaurs aren’t the top of the list when it comes to animals you might find packaged in your fridge, but for Jurassic Park fans, nothing makes somewhere feel like home more than a dinosaur chopping board. Step aside, Tyrannosaurus rex — there’s a new apex predator in town.

Once you’ve finished prepping your next meal, don’t forget to wash it down with your favourite hot drink, which you can enjoy in a Jurassic Park mug. These match perfectly with dinosaur-themed coasters, perfect for the home of any movie fan.

Jurassic Park Accessories

Take a trip back in time with our prehistoric essentials, including Jurassic Park washbags, makeup bags, and tote bags. When you might need to run from a twelve-foot-tall predator at any moment, it pays to be ready to move.

Another way to build up your cardio for outrunning Velociraptors is by putting in the work at the gym, and to do that, you’d be wise to bring a fitness towel and a Jurassic Park water bottle. Keep an eye on the water, though. A slight ripple means it’s time to go.

Fortunately, if your security fences are working and you’re comfortable in one spot, you can accessorise your desk with a dinosaur mouse mat. Browse the web to learn more about the Mesozoic Era, and use our MOTH x Jurassic Park headphones (with interchangeable caps) to enjoy the ambience of composer John Williams’s fantastic movie score.