It’s that time of year again. Men and women in offices all around the country are pulling names out of hats and sighing as they brainstorm what to spend their precious £5, £10 or £20 on. Do you go for a jokey gift, something thoughtful, or the classic box of chocolates to avoid having to spend too much time shopping around? Here at IWOOT we’ve done all the brainstorming for you and have put some ideas together for great, innovative Secret Santa gifts this Christmas.

Secret Santa ideas for your boss

secret santa sheepking mug

It can often be a little awkward if you pick your boss’ name at the annual Secret Santa draw. This might be the opportunity to take a step closer toward being teacher’s pet, by getting them something they’ve always wanted, like a spa treatment or golf lesson. However, you might also want to steer away from anything too fancy or personal! So, why not browse our selection of mugs and cups for any coffee addicts or tea drinkers, or get them a sensible treat for their office!

Secret Santa ideas for your favourite work colleague

Penguin drinks coolersWind up Racing Granny and Grandad

We never like to admit it, but everyone has a favourite colleague at work. Whether it’s someone that always bakes cakes, makes you smile on a miserable Monday morning, or sends hilarious emails! So why not give your favourite colleague something that will make them smile in return?

Treat them to a cute set of penguin coolersperfect for any Christmas parties in the office this year! Or get them something that will help them take a break and have a giggle with these wind up racing granny and grandad scooters!

Secret Santa ideas for someone special

truffleslove hearts cookie cutters

If there’s someone at work that you fancy, now is the chance to give them a hint! You could go for something subtle like a Queen of Awesomeness mug, or a beautiful box of truffle mixes. Or if you’re fed up with playing it cool, why not get her a cute linen heart cushion, to keep her comfy and cosy all day long!

If you’re looking for something for a guy that caught your eye on your very first day, why not bake him some cookies using this flirty love hearts cookie cutter and stamp set?

Secret Santa ideas for your work rival

nothinghot nuts

If the thought of having to go out shopping for your work rival instantly makes your head hurt, stay in the warmth of your home on your weekend, with a cup of tea, laughing evilly as you purchase a giant ball of absolutely nothingIf you’re buying a gift for a colleague that thrives on rivalry and competition, why not order them some super hot naga chilli coated peanuts and challenge them to a feast?!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for your Secret Santa gifts this year! Let us know what you’ll be getting in the comments box below!

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