Secret Santa is a common festive trend amongst offices. There’s a reason we don’t mind writing names on little pieces of paper, picking them out of a hat and buying a gift for a colleague you don’t really know very well. Taking part in this Christmas tradition of gift giving is fun and festive and if you set a decent, reasonable price limit – it’s really affordable too. Plus, nobody likes the awkward ‘should-I-buy-for-them-are-they-going-to-buy-for-me?’ situation. So, if you’re looking for a secret Santa gift that the receiver will appreciate, won’t send the wrong message and won’t break the bank this Christmas, here’s a gift guide to inspire you with gift ideas for everybody.

iGlove – Touch Glove For iPhone

For the colleague who can’t go anywhere without their iphone, ipad or touch screen device but isn’t quite ready to brave the cold in fingerless gloves. These gloves will keep his fingers toasty and his touch-screen-device obsession alive. Click here to buy.



Hot Boots

A great gift idea for the girl who would never be seen dead in a pair of pumps around the office and come rain or shine, can always be found strutting her stuff down the corridor in a hot pair of heels. You know what they say, if the shoe fits, it’s ugly. Her feet must feel really sore after wearing such beautiful heels around the office all day. Microwaveable with a relaxing lavender scent, these Hot Boots will sooth her feet back to normal in no time. Click here to browse our collection of Hot Boots.


Skullcandy Fix Earphones With Mic – Navy

A great gift for your co-worker that for some reason unbeknown to every other single person in the office, just doesn’t seem to understand that we don’t really want to listen to the same track on repeast over-and-over again. Maybe they’ll get the hint with these epic Skullcandy Fix Earphones complete with a microphone. Click here to buy.




My Very Healthy Snacks Lunchbox

For the annoying person who seems to think that every shelf in the fridge is reserved for them. The My Very Healthy Snacks Lunchbox will encourage them to keep their food all in one place and leave some space in the fridge for the rest of us…  Priced at just £5.95, click here to buy.


Mini Sweet Jar

For the co-worker who has huge stash of snacks and treats under their desk but never seems to be willing to share (even after sever hours of hint-dropping that you’d kill for a delicious snack round about now). Maybe they’ll keep the jar on the desk for everybody to dip into to or be more willing to offer you one since you’re the one who bought it. The Mini Sweet Jar is only £6.99, click here to buy.



Ice Cream Shaped Door Stop

A great gift for the colleague who always leaves the door open. Every. Single. Time. Even though you’ve got up several times after they’ve entered or left, to close the door, or given them several polite reminders to close it themselves… Well, you know what they say – if you can beat them, join them. Give up trying and just give them the Ice Cream Shaped Door Stop. Click here to buy.



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