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Retro Gifts

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Retro Gifts

Take a nostalgic trip back in time with IWOOT UK’s huge line-up of retro gifts. Here you will find a variety of products that appear to have been ripped straight from the past, including classic sweets, gadgets, franchises (such as Star Wars and Transformers), and more.

These are the best presents for people who were around during the late 20th century, ideal for any birthday or Christmas celebrations. Whether they were a kid or a full-grown adult at the time, they’re guaranteed to experience that warm feeling inside — especially if they consume the legendary drumstick lollies.

A Blast From The Past

Many of today’s adults grew up in a world very different from the one we currently inhabit. It was a simpler time, a period in history where technology was still yet to reach the heights of smartphones and voice-activated speakers. Nevertheless, there was something charming about that. Moments were to be savoured, and everything was a new discovery (unspoiled by the ramblings of social-media drones).

Our retro gifts aim to return people to this simpler time. For a moment (and hopefully many more), they can feel like they’ve been transported away from the distractions of the modern world, plummeted into the midst of the ‘80s or ‘90s.

Nostalgic Gifts

To achieve our goal, we offer a whole host of unique products.

Enjoy some quality time with like-minded people by playing our wonderfully reminiscent trivia games. Inspired by different eras, these are a sure-fire way to lose yourself in a time period of your choice.

However, if simple memory doesn’t cut it, you can always bring the past to life with some timeless gadgets. Grab a Candy Grabber, marvel at the display of a plasma ball, or experience your favourite tunes using the USB mix tape — the choice is yours.

On the topic of gadgets, the Slush Puppie machine was the pinnacle of technology during its heyday. Any brain freeze suffered was absolutely worth the discomfort provided that we experienced the sweet, sweet taste of cherry and raspberry syrup.