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Baby Yoda

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Baby Yoda Gifts

An unexpectedly but undoubtedly loved character, he has been a hit with audiences and fans ever since Star Wars’ The Mandalorian graced our screens. Now you can show the world how much you adore him too with IWOOT UK’s range of officially licensed Baby Yoda gifts, merchandise and toys. Incredibly cute, he is!

Who Is Baby Yoda?

Contrary to the name, he isn’t actually Master Yoda as a baby. The young one is simply a toddler from of the same species that Yoda belongs to. A toddler that is in fact, 50 years old (yeah, we know!) Makes sense, right? To make things even more confusing, his official name in The Mandalorian is actually The Child. Like Yoda, The Child can also harness the power of the force, and is able to make objects levitate through this.

The Child Merchandise For All Ages

So, you’ve watched The Mandalorian and can’t get enough of the cuteness of Baby Yoda. Totally understandable. It’s only right that you get your hands on some merchandise - we have everything from clothing accessories such as backpacks and beanies, homeware accessories including mugs, rugs, desktop lights and towels. Into your tech? We’ve got some seriously adorable powerbanks, cables, airpod cases and much more waiting for you. Whether you’re a young padawan or not, our merch is ideal for kids and adults alike.

Officially Licensed Toys

All of our toys from The Child range are licensed so you’re guaranteed to get quality figures, board games, plushies, Lego sets and more to bring your favourite series to life! These toys will be sure to bring endless amounts fun and are perfect as gifts for friends or family, or even something for yourself if you’re looking for a treat. Have a browse of our collection and we’re confident you’ll be able to find a present that’s just right for any Baby Yoda fan.