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Mr Men and Little Miss Collection

Watch out, nostalgia lovers - we're bringing you our latest drop of Mr Men and Little Miss gifts and merchandise, ranging from cushions to greeting cards, and much more. This iconic series started off as a range of children's books and 50 years later, has morphed into a long-standing favourite of children and adults that will remember it from "back in the day". 

So whether you want to pass down the nostalgia to your children, or want to please any "big kid" in your life, no matter your age, our Mr Men and Little Miss collection will make a well-received gift to practically any recipient.

Over 50 Years of Loveable Characters

What started off as a product of a father and son's imagination, Roger and Adam Hargreaves kickstarted the franchise with a series of books in the 1970s. Fast forward 20 years and the books were adapted into a children's animated series in Britain and France. 

To date, there are currently 92 characters in the series, each representing different adjectives that can help younger audiences learn about every character's unique mannerisms. From Mr Greedy, to Little Miss Sparkle, a whole host of personalities feature in the show. Which one best describes you?

Mr Men and Little Miss Gift Ideas For all Personalities

Whether you're a chatterbox, neat, lazy, bossy, or prone to tickles like Mr Tickle is, IWOOT have released the biggest and boldest range of merchandise which represents a range of characters to suit your personality. 

Represent yourself with a Little Miss Busy phone case, if you're the type that's always on the go, or inject some positivity into your coffee breaks in the office with a Little Miss Sunshine mug. You might want to treat the stand-up comedian in your life to a Mr Funny round cushion, or give a subtle hint to your clutter-prone friend with a Mr Messy greetings card. 

With our Mr Men and Little Miss merchandise, you'll be able to find something that sums that certain someone up to a tee for all occasions.