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Sausage Dog & Bulldog Hot Water Bottle £21.99

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Snuggle up this Winter and keep warm with one of our novelty long hot water bottles. You can get both the Sausage Dog and Bulldog long hot water bottle for just £21.99. Offer ends 19/12/22 12pm BST. 
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Cyber Monday Long Hot Water Bottles

Winter 2022 is fast approaching, and long hot water bottles are here to keep us nice and toasty. If you’re a single pringle and you don’t have anyone to snuggle up to, this extra-long hot water bottle is designed just for you. Offering a full body hug, these novelty long hot water bottles can be used across the length of your body and wrapped around you whilst curled up on the sofa. Even better, pop this handy little gadget under your duvet pre-bedtime and let it keep you warm throughout the night.

There are many benefits to hot water bottles. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also help soothe every ache and pain.

Cyber Monday Gifts

Guaranteed to be your next best friend, our extra-long Warmies® Bulldog and Sausage Dog hot water bottles are made from odour-free PVC with super soft polyester fur cover. Our Warmies® would make the perfect gift for any occasion: Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day.

Know someone who is always feeling cold? Look no further because these are made just for them. Browse our Cyber Monday long hot water bottles and don't forget to check out our other fluffy adorable designs here.