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Warmies Hot Watter Bottles & Heatables

Warmies hot water bottles and heatable plushies are ideal for alleviating minor aches and pains in a safe way. Available in traditional fillable or wheat bag formats, you’ll be glad to have these around. Plus, they look adorable too, so what’s not to love?

Wheat Bags: Revolutionary Design

These are less widely known, so there may be some confusion about what the difference between the two kinds of heatables are. Essentially, both work in exactly the same way as your standard bottle design does, i.e., they give out heat. The difference is that heatable bottles contain wheat grains, which provide safe and steady insulation upon contact when they are warmed up. There’s no need to fill them up with hot water.

How do you use a wheat bag?

Simply pop it inside a microwave and it’s ready to use. You can reheat these multiple times to enjoy their pain-relieving properties should you ever need it.

Some may say that they involve less hassle than the former, as there’s no need to fill them with hot water with every use.

Adorable Designs

Warmies products boast both functionality and personality – each come in either a cuddly plushie format or a snuggly knit cover, so you can get maximum cosiness out of them. They’re perfect for gifting, but we won’t blame you if you want it for yourself either – shop our heatables range at IWOOT UK now!