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Slush Puppie Machines

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  • Slush Puppie Machine

    Slush Puppie Syrup - Red Cherry
    Slush Puppie Syrup - Red Cherry Worth £6.99

    Free Red Cherry Syrup! Code - SYRUP

    Get a FREE bottle of Red Cherry Slush Puppie syrup when you buy the Slush Puppie machine! Simply add the Slush Puppie machine to your basket and use CODE - SYRUP for your free gift to apply.
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Slushie Maker

Gather round, because it’s slushie season, and you’re invited! You are never too old to enjoy some icey goodness, so get your hands on your very own Slush Puppie machine from IWOOT UK to rescue yourself from those hot summer days when you need to cool down. For an ice-cold beverage that is sure to be a hit for kids and adults alike, shop the range now!

A Summer Essential

Picture this: it’s a blazing hot summer’s day, you are having people over for a party and you want something to keep everyone entertained and refreshed at the same time. Enter the Slush Puppie machine – no gathering in the heat should be without one of these. Simply get the machine going, choose your flavour, and pour yourself a cup of happiness. Make sure you have also got your syrup at the ready – available in cherry or blueberry flavours, which one will you go for?

All ages can enjoy those unforgettable red and blue tongues and be sure to slip slowly to prevent the dreaded brain freeze from coming on. For a refreshing kick that provides just the right amount of flavour, this contraption is here to save the day.

Endless Drink Possibilities

Having one of these machines on hand will instantly upgrade you to becoming a beverage concoctor, whether that’s an alcohol tipple or not. From frozen cocktails such as margaritas and martinis to iced coffees, cold brew teas and more. The possibilities are limitless with these machines, because it produces the right level of ice that will provide the ideal base for any drink you have in mind. Talk about versatile! All in all, it’s a piece of kit worth investing in. You’ll never be too far from your most-loved bar or coffee outlet, because you’ll be able to bring all the fun home instead.

Get involved with all the fun and get your hands on this incredible drink maker to rescue yourself from the unbearable heat, whilst giving yourself an iconic and nostalgic treat to sip on in the sun. Don’t forget to get your accessories and have your syrups and cups at the ready, too!