‘New Year: New You’ – how many times have we said this (and failed)? We know how hard it can be to stick your resolutions so we’ve put together a shortlist of our top picks for the New Year. From fitness equipment to alarm clocks, we have everything you could ever possibly need to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. Happy New Year from all at IWOOT.com!

Ab Circle

Getting fit this year is probably at the top of everybody’s ‘To Do’ list (yes, ours included), but finding the time to go to the gym is a task in itself. With the Ab Circle, you can work out at home and give your abs and cardio a vigorous workout. So if you’ve been stuffing yourself with chocolate, turkey and mince pies over the Christmas break, you know that you should really click here to buy. Don’t worry though, here in the office we’ve all had to order one too!



Chocolate Scrabble.

Spending more time with family is often a resolution that should be your number one priority and one that should definitely be upheld. If you can handle anymore chocolate after Christmas (and seriously – we wish you the best of luck), then the Chocolate Scrabble board game is a fantastic board game that will be great fun for all the family. Click here to browse our range of games.



Karcher Home Pressure Washer

If you’re anything like us then you probably think it’s much easier to visit the car wash once in a while than have to get your hands dirty and wash the car yourself (or you could just pay your kids to do it… pocket money and all). The Karcher Home Pressure Washer is a great investment for your home and car that will save you  money in the long run. Your car gets you from A to B (we hope), so treat it with respect and make it one of your resolutions to wash it at least once a week. Click here for more information.




You know what we’re going to say. Punctuality. We all have that one friend who says they’re on their way when in reality – they’ve only just stepped into the shower. If you’re somebody who is always cutting it fine when it comes to arriving on time or somebody who is a little too fond of their bed when it’s comes to getting yourself up on a morning, invest in a good alarm clock or watch.  Click here to browse our range of clocks, watches and alarm clocks.



My Very Healthy Snacks Lunchbox

Healthy eating is another one of those resolutions that we should really stick to. We love the ‘My Very Healthy Snacks Lunchbox’ so much that they’re appearing all over the office kitchens right now. The colour is bright and cheerful and perfect if you’re feeling those post-Christmas, January blues. Also – even if you fill yours with a cheeky chocolate or bar – nobody will know, they’ll just assume that you’re sticking to your resolutions and are about to tuck into a box of your very-healthy-snacks… Don’t worry – your secrets safe with us. Click here to buy.



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