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Electric Scooters and Segways

At IWOOT UK, we have a variety of hoverboards and scooters that’ll allow you to get from A to B whilst looking extremely cool at the same time. With fast charging, trendy designs and controllable speeds of up to seven miles per hour for kids versions, and up to 15.5 miles per hour for adult scooters, you’ll be able to whizz around for hours.

Get Around Safely in Style

To get the most out of your boards and scooters, just charge them up and get yourself to the nearest private space, such as your own garden or driveway and you’ll be ready to zoom around. The hoverboards in our range come with non-slip foot pads so you can safely ride them for up to three hours. With our electric scooters, all you need to do is gently push down on the footpad sensor to build speed and momentum.

These clever pieces of kit can cover large distances on a single charge, meaning that there are hours and hours of fun waiting to be had. With clever foldable designs, you can easily store them away and save space when they aren’t being used.

For Both Kids and Adults to Enjoy

Look out for superstar brands such as Zinc scooters and Hover 1 hoverboards to name a few we carry. For an unbeatable birthday or Christmas gift that they can enjoy for hours after a quick charge, it doesn’t get any better than these hoverboards and scooters. With styles available for both kids above the age of eight and adults, there’s no limit to the fun you can have on them. You can sit back and enjoy your children riding around in the garden, or you can unleash your inner big kid and have a go at it for yourself.

Available in an array of designs and colours for boys, girls, men, and women along with some having awesome LED lights, don’t miss out on our great deals and shop today!