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High Gloss, High Quality

When you think of art prints, metal wall art may not immediately come to mind, but this increasingly popular style could well hold the key to unlocking the potential of your interiors.

Metal prints boast many characteristics of contemporary art with them built up from the use of shapes, patterns and colours to create something unique. But what sets them apart is their texture and high quality finish.

Differing to traditional art on paper, metal prints are crafted on high-quality aluminium to provide detail like no other. Each line, colour & object are meticulously made to really emit the mood and feeling of each piece of art, making them a different and standout addition to your home.

Metal prints are a unique art form which is exemplified through their attractive, high gloss finish. The premium aluminium base allows the artwork to bring out new characteristics and as a result add something very different and attractive to your interiors.

But alongside their standout visual strengths they also offer extra durability. Our metal prints are both scratch and rustproof meaning that they can be a regular fixture in your home for years to come.

Metal Prints by IWOOT UK

When you’re trying to transform your house into a home, art is a great way of getting your creative juices flowing and injecting some of your personality into your surroundings.

Adding colours, shapes and imagery through metal prints can bring your interiors to life whilst also changing the mood and atmosphere of your room.

Here at IWOOT UK we have a wide range of metal wall art available that suit a range of themes and styles for all kinds of walls and homes.

Metal prints are renowned for their high quality, high gloss aluminium finishes which makes them an ideal centre piece for any room in your home. Our collection includes designs from your favourite franchises with game posters from the likes of Super Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda.

If you’re a fan of modern wall art, metal prints are a great way of injecting something contemporary and fresh into your home. Our range is available in a variety of styles to make them as prominent and bold or subtle and cutting edge as you like when devising a vision for your room.

Metal wall art has the ability to brighten up and add character to any interior and our collection is full of creative and colourful designs that’ll help you achieve that.