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Thank You Gifts

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Thank You Presents

Have you got someone to give thanks to? Say it with one of our thoughtful and unique thank you gift ideas here at IWOOT UK. If this special person for has made a difference to your life, be it a teacher, a colleague at work, or a friend, it's only right that you show your appreciation for them.

Say Cheers To Your Favourite Teacher

You might be leaving school, college or university after finishing up your studies and want to give thanks to that special teacher or tutor that got you through the years. Perhaps a teacher you adore is leaving and you want something they'll remember forever. 

We've got a range of present ideas from mugs, to mousemats. Our presents range from the ones that'll make them go "awww", all the way to ones that'll make them grin. If you're looking for unusual gifts for an extraordinary person that's passed on the academic baton to you, then there's no better place to start, young grasshopper.

Thank You Gifts For Co-Workers

We all have that one colleague that gets you through the day. Your shift isn't quite the same without them, so hearing that they've called in sick, are on annual leave, or worst of all, leaving your place of work really breaks your heart. It could even be you leaving.

Your work squad are the ones you might go to when you want to get something off your chest, your office best friend might be your partner in crime when it comes to those After Work Drinks on a Friday, and they always give you a reassuring nod from across the room when you come into the office hungover on a Monday morning. What do you get someone to express how grateful you are for getting you through the 9 to 5?

Everyone has to move on some time, so make sure you give the best colleague in the world a thanks and good luck gift that they'll never forget. If you want to pass on your appreciation for your manager, a supervisor, or just your favourite colleague, we've got you covered. You'll miss their ten out of ten brew-making skills and banter, so let their present be a reminder that there's nobody quite like them. 

Give The Gift of Gratitude

We're here to help you go the extra mile when it comes to expressing how grateful you are to someone. Reminding people how much you care about them when they've helped you out is a great way of making them feel special, loved and valued. 

That could be a doctor that has looked after you, or maybe something as big as the mortgage advisor that helped you get on the property ladder. You might even want to give kudos to your bridesmaids for putting up with your tantrums with a sweet gift that they'll cherish. Sometimes, you don't even need a reason to appreciate someone - them simply being in your life is the biggest gift!

Whatever the celebration, thank them from the heart with our meaningful, funny, cheeky and foodie-inspired thank you presents.