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Do you have a pampered pooch or a much loved moggie? Here at IWOOT we love our pets and will always buy pet gifts . We see them as a member of the family and think they deserve to be treated as such, and that means birthday gifts for pets and Christmas gifts for pets . We've got awesome playhouses so your cat can look as cool as they think they are, dog IQ tests so you can find out if they're as stupid as you think they are and more cat toys than you can shake a paw at!

Dog gifts

With a woof and a wag, let your dog gratefully greet you when you present them with a gift that shows just how much you care about them. Whether you're treating them on a special day (they don't get as many birthdays as a person so you've got to make them extra special) or just rewarding good behaviour, check out our collection of gifts for dogs .

Cat gifts

We've got a great set of gifts for cats that will have your pet purring with pleasure. They think they rule the roost and with these gifts, they'll know just how much they're in charge! Check out what we've got and applaud us for not once saying purrrrrrfect. Oops.

Gifts for Animal Lovers

We've also got a range of products that are great gifts for pet lovers . You don't necessarily have to have a pet to know that animals are great and should be cherished. That's why we've got various adopt an animal gifts to allow you to give a gift that will leave both you and the receiver with a warm fuzzy feeling. These gifts are also great for kids as it can introduce them to a whole new idea behind gifts. Plus, who doesn't want to say they adopted a shark!

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